Achieve 100% Compliance

As a debt collection agency, ensuring compliance is your top priority. This means adhering to stringent laws and regulations and being prepared to quickly adapt to the changing compliance requirements. In such a heavily-monitored industry, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the evolving trends in order to effectively promote a fair and honest collections process.

Reduce Risk with Speech Analytics

Equipped with automatic transcripts of 100% of your customer calls, you are paving the way to 100% compliance.

Our Speech Analytics software combined with our call recording and monitoring tools will be your first line of defense against potential litigation for non-compliance with CFPB or FDCPA regulations.

Save Time and Money

Monitoring your agents and customer interactions has never been easier, or more affordable. Having easily accessible and searchable content will allow you to stay on top of potential issues and take immediate action. By staying proactive and quickly responding to flagged content in your employee-customer interactions, you will save your agency time and money.

Guarantee Agent Compliance

100% compliance is your goal and Vaspian can help you achieve it. Through the utilization of Speech Analytics, you’ll have the ability to review scorecards for every customer interaction and target the collectors that need improvement or are risking litigation. You will be able to address these issues proactively, increasing accuracy and efficiency among your agents.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of a powerful and affordable communications solution that can help you reach and maintain 100% compliance and improve overall collection rates.

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