A Hidden Advantage to Buying a Hosted Phone System

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Taking the time to reexamine how your business works sounds about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist. But without doing this from time to time, we get stuck in our own ruts and can miss out on the possibility for real improvement.

Here are a few simple examples:

Hosted phone systems give you the ability to create a virtual location for your multi-location company.

For example, if today you had two offices and you had an administrator at each one taking calls, with the hosted solution, you can have one of those front desk people take the calls for both locations. That person would be able to tell what location each call was going to and then be able to direct the call with a simple transfer to anyone at either location.

Geography no longer matters and you can free up some of the time spent by the other front desk person for other activities. This becomes even more useful when one or the other person is away on vacation or home sick. Your two employees can back each other up more effectively, even though they may be across the country from each other.

Hosted phone systems help insure that a live person does answer the phone.

Many companies are very concerned with insuring that phone calls are answered by “live” people and they often worry that technology will make this worse, but a hosted phone system does just that.

With a hosted phone system it is easy to create call groups and adjust them on the fly. These call groups can escalate so that if a call comes into a specific group and after a set number of rings no one answers, then it can roll over into a new group with additional members – increasing the chances of it getting pick up. And with a hosted phone system this can be set up very quickly and edited as often as one would want – from anywhere over the internet.

So, for example, I am not going to be in to work today because I am traveling: While at the airport, I could access the phone system set up on my cell phone and forward my calls to a pre-set call group (or anyone I want). When a call comes in, the call group can see who it was for (me) and handle it appropriately.

The Opportunity to Reimagine Some of Your Business Processes

In each of these examples, we could have done things the way they always have been handled, but by taking the time to understand the new capabilities our hosted phone system has, we can easily find ways to improve productivity and insure that calls are handled well.

Take the time to talk to your service provider and see what they can do for you. Vaspian has done multitudes of these planning sessions – we won’t install a customer without doing it. The value for our customers is what this is all about.

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