Auto Attendant

Many companies have this feature; an automated greeting with selections and menus for your caller. Re-route calls to the appropriate people/department. You may have multiple auto attendants depending on the time of day or if you are unexpectedly closed. Vaspian’s Support Department is a key element to our success and is available for you, FOR FREE, for the life of your account.

Many small businesses can get away with relying on a receptionist to field phone calls from customers and clients, but as businesses grow, it gets difficult for a receptionist to keep up with all the calls coming in. At that point, it’s important for a business to invest in an automated attendant from Vaspian to take calls and transfer them to the right place. By setting up an auto attendant, you’ll keep your customers and clients happier and make it simple for them to find who they’re looking for when they contact your company.
Auto Attendant
An auto attendant from Vaspian can also be equipped to do more than just transfer calls within your building. Our automated attendant services can route calls to smartphones, VoIP virtual phones, and landline phones in other locations. This will dramatically improve your business communication and make it even easier for customers and clients to track down your employees, even when they’re not in the office. They’ll be able to find them by contacting your auto attendant and pushing a few buttons.

If you’re not using an auto attendant from a trusted company like Vaspian already, you’re likely missing out on the opportunity to make connections with many potential customers and clients in addition to your existing ones. Putting an automated attendant into place will greet customers and clients warmly when they call and provide them with easy-to-understand instructions that will help them reach whoever they’re looking for in a matter of just a few seconds.

Reach out to Vaspian at 855-827-7426 today to find out how an auto attendant could prove to be beneficial for you and your business.