Call Center Phone Systems, Monitoring & Recording

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For call centers, clarity, reliability, and functionality are essential phone system features. Vaspian provides call center telephone systems that boast unmatched quality through cutting-edge technology, giving you more features and better management at a lower price.

Vaspian’s call center phone system solutions are tailored specially for the high call volume and clarity demands of call centers like yours, with features such as intelligent call routing and speech analytics to make calls faster and more effective.

Why is Vaspian the Best Call Center Phone System for Me?

Vaspian utilizes VOIP call center system technology with cloud based calling and  “belts and suspenders” infrastructure, to eliminate downtime and provide the most reliable solution available. Other benefits of choosing us include:

  • Personalized Customer Support: We know our customers by name and offer quality service and a top-notch customer experience – the kind of experience that you won’t get with most large providers. 
  • Dependability & Efficiency: With our call center phone system software, there’s no need to lose valuable time or money when carrier outages occur. If outages do occur, our system will automatically failover to your redundant connection. 
  • User-friendly: Our interfaces are easy to navigate and intuitive. You won’t need the manual to become an expert in updating your system, that is, if you want to. 
  • Wait-times: Not with us. Last quarter, the average wait-time to talk to one of our representatives was nine seconds. 
  • We are an Omnicenter

You can also take advantage of unlimited call recording and three years of free storage and archival, as well as dozens of other amazing features. Monitor, whisper, barge or steal any call, and see call reports in a web browser or on a TV monitor.

Get More Features Per Dollar

Call center phone system features can add up when you choose other providers. At Vaspian, we offer a feature-rich approach to call center phone systems, giving you more features for your money. 

Switch to us and you could save an average of 20% per month while gaining access to an impressive suite of features that other providers either don’t offer or charge an arm and a leg for, such as:

  • Call Reports: These allow you to see the busiest hour and busiest staff member, and build other reports that managers can use from any device.
  • Call Queuing: Gain control over your caller’s experience; enable call-back requests and prioritize queues or calls. Use skills-based routing to get callers connected with the right person the first time, or one of the many other internal routing options offered.
  • Evaluations: Keep your office in compliance by evaluating calls directly from the call archive interface. All evaluations can be exported to distribute as needed.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Customize your phone system with unlimited call-routing. With ACD, you can set routes based on time-of-day, inbound phone number, phone system entry-point, and more. 
  • Outbound Dialing: Optimize employee’s workflow by uploading their outbound calls for the day. Your agents will be able to handle the inbound queue calls as they arrive and our system connects them with outbound calls in between. 
  • Live Dashboards: Get real-time statistics on queues and agents. You will be able to see information such as calls waiting, agents connected, agent’s missed calls, and so much more.
  • IVR:

Choose Vaspian for Superior Technology & Customer Support

Increase the efficiency of your workers and the quality of your call center with 100% reliable and affordable service from Vaspian. 

View our case studies to see what we have done for others that have made the switch over to us from alternate phone systems for call centers (including the big guys!)