Call Center Solutions

When it comes to call center solutions, the options can seem complex. Many companies feel like they must choose between caring for their agents or delighting their customers.

But with Vaspian, you can do both! With our call center solutions, you can guide customers and CSRs through a positive interaction.

We're Not Like Other Call Center Solutions. We're a Cool Call Center Provider.

Wondering why Vaspian should be your first choice when it comes to call center solutions? Then you’re in the right place. Discover our innovative call center phone systems features:

We Know Your Name – Not Just Your Number

We've all felt overlooked and undervalued by Big Providers. This is why we're committed to supporting our customers the way we'd want to be supported. More than anything else, our contact center solutions are designed to be frictionless. When your customer care team can add a personal touch to every interaction, call resolutions are stronger.

We Take The Fear Out Of Outages

Customers deserve better than a busy signal. One failed connection will only dampen their already potentially precarious impression of your business.

Our system has automatic failover and backup mechanisms in place, to help keep your phone system online. This ensures your customer support capabilities are always available when your customers need them.

We Made Using Our System As Simple As Possible

You won’t need a 40-page manual – or an advanced degree – to get the most out of our platform. Unless you're a big fan of manuals. Our call center software is intuitive, immediately teachable, and inherently user-friendly.

And if ever one of your customer relationship managers runs into an issue, don’t worry. We host a robust collection of resources.

We Measure Wait Times In Nanoseconds

Seriously. Last quarter, the average wait-time to talk to one of our team members was 9 seconds. And we're only getting faster. More than anything else, efficiency is the name of the game for our call center solutions for small business.

These are just a taste of our call center phone system’s features and benefits. To really hear how Vaspian helps its customers be better to their customers, connect with us.

But Enough About Us, It's Time To Brag About Our Call Center Phone System’s Features

Call Management & Routing

Ensure positive customer interactions even before the live call begins.

You can pick the perfect routing type, skill-based or otherwise, on our platform so customers can connect with the right agents right away. Skill-based routing helps in those cases when you know a team member has handled this exact situation before. So route to your heart’s content. We’re sure your customers will thank you.

You can also eliminate long holds with our call-back feature! All of this is in the spirit of ensuring your customers’ CSR experience works for them.

Make handling calls even more efficient with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). This feature allows you to set routing rules based on time-of-day, inbound phone number, phone system entry-point, and more.

Monitoring & Quality Assurance

Unlock valuable insights into key metrics like calls waiting, connected agents, missed calls, and more. With all this in-hand, you can make informed operational decisions.

No matter where they are, or what device they’re using, insights are immediately accessible. Your supervisors can produce customized reports on any statistic they need – from call frequency to call duration.

Provide real-time guidance or assistance to your agents. This function allows for assistance by listening in on calls without the customer’s knowledge (whisper). You can also join the call directly (barge).

Operational Efficiency & Integration

We make it easy to review and assess call content to make sure you’re meeting regulatory requirements. Listen to recordings, evaluate call center agents’ performance, and communicate areas for improvement with ease.

With simplified call center systems from Vaspian, operational insights and efficiencies are all on-hand in a unified view.

Effortlessly integrate inbound and outbound calls into your employees’ workflow.This power dialer function allows them to manage inbound queue calls and outbound calls without missing a beat.

Call center software should work for you and your team. Without a truly functional platform, you risk paying for call center systems your team doesn’t actually use.

Our CRM integrations give your team point-and-click access to customer information and history. Enjoy software that offers convenient records – right from our business phone system – boosting your productivity by 15% or more.

Ready To Transform Into The Communications Powerhouse You Were Destined To Be?

Our team of agents is ready to give you access to our “secret formula” even as you read this sentence. So go ahead and reach out. They’re always eager to help with your call center solutions!

For your call center phone systems needs check out our competitive pricing options and reach out to request a quote today.