Call Queue Phone Systems Software

Call queueing phone systems are a great tool for any business that deal with high volumes of inbound calls. Call queuing software allows callers to be put into a “queue” until an available customer service representative can assist them. 

It helps to ensure that everyone who calls receives the same level of service and reduces wait times, leading to a better customer experience. Call queue management tools also provide businesses with the ability to track and analyze call metrics, so they can adjust their processes to be more efficient. 

By investing in a call queuing phone system, businesses can easily manage their call center operations and improve customer service across the board.


Vaspian’s call queue software empowers businesses to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Our software allows you to customize the entire path a call takes from its first ring through every step of the way, including during and after-hours strategies. You will have full control over your records, as well as custom dashboards that keep both agents and customers aware of abandoned calls, current call holds, and more. 

Our call queue management software is designed to make sure that incoming calls are efficiently distributed to the right extensions every time. This system will also allow you to set up a holding area if all agents are already on a call. When customers are put in a holding area, they will receive customized recordings that you can control. Often used in the customer service, technical support, and medical industries, calling queueing systems are a useful way to assist customers during your busiest hours.

Vaspian provides the best phone queue management system in the industry, offering unparalleled ease of use and customization options. Our call queuing service is ideal for customer service operations, technical support teams, and more. With our software, you’ll be able to ensure a smooth call experience every time.


During non-busy hours, staff can simply pick up the phone to answer calls. At peak call volume, the call queueing system will play a message to callers, letting them know that all associates are currently assisting other customers.

Queues are an informative, easy-to-manage system that keep callers informed of their placement in line while helping staff to stay organized and successful during the busiest of operating hours.


A call queuing service can help keep your customer service operations efficient, organized, and successful. There are several advantages to using a phone queue management system:

  • Efficiency: Automating the call process will free up time for staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Customer Service: Callers are informed of their placement in the queue and can choose to stay on the line, be reminded via text message or email, or opt for a callback.
  • Customer Data: The system can also provide customer service agents with easy access to important call info such as caller ID, past orders or complaints, and other customer data.
  • Integration: You can use the system for multiple locations or departments so each customer is connected to the right person quickly and easily.


Vaspian’s call queueing systems provide real-time information that assists organizations in managing calls during high-volume periods.

Call Queueing Systems for Business Phones

Call Queueing Systems for Business Phones

Your system will display:

  • Number of calls in queue
  • Agent status (logged in/out, available, on-call)
  • Average hold time
  • Maximum hold time
  • Abandonment rate
  • Service level

Call Queuing Services help businesses maintain their call flow, increase caller satisfaction, and maximize agent productivity. The system gives callers the option to wait in queue or leave a message which can be retrieved by staff members when they are available. 

Furthermore, it provides administrative oversight into call volumes and other metrics, such as average hold times. With a call queue management system, businesses can ensure that their customers are getting the best service experience possible. 

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Key Benefits

Improved Customer Service

Let our call queueing system keep your staff organized. No longer will your staff have to worry about accidentally leaving a caller on hold, or answering calls out of order. The queue system keeps track of all of this for you!

Call Analytics

Interested in improving your team’s performance? Metrics like average hold time, abandonment rate and service level are easily viewed from your call queueing dashboard.