Contact Center and Call Center Recording Software

Contact Center and Call Center Recording Software

Vaspian’s call recording feature allows conversations between your customers and agents to be placed in a digital audio file format. You can retrieve, play back, and store all recordings. Vaspian is a pioneer in innovation for call recording with instant playback, one-year archive, and seven filters to search your recordings with. We record in dual audio automatically preparing the best quality recording should you become interested in Speech Analytics, whereby the recordings will be transcribed to text, allowing you to search through your calls by key words and phrases. All call recordings with Vaspian can be downloaded and added as attachments to emails for instant sharing.

Our monitoring software feature allows you to monitor calls on the extensions of your choice.

Call recording and monitoring provide you with superior data analytics and allow for improved customer service.

  • Learn more about your customers’ needs
  • Improve phone service provided
  • Settle disputes
  • Maintain code compliance
  • Verify customer information
  • Coach new employees

How Do Different Industries Take Advantage of This Feature?

Debt Collection Companies

Required to record and store calls by FDCPA regulations, call centers and debt collection companies rely on call recording features to stay in compliance. Call center monitoring software tools are also a useful way for management to keep agents on track and drive revenue.

Financial Services

Banks, credit unions and investments firms can use call recording to enhance customer service, verify information and maintain code compliance. Call recordings provide an audit trail for verbal transactions and record of information transfer.

Government Offices

Call recording makes taking surveys and creating targeted calls easy for voting centers, political offices, public services and other institutions.

Healthcare Providers

Doctors’ offices, hospitals and other medical institutions can use call recording to maintain code compliance and secure confidential patient information.

Reduce costs of communications and take advantage of clear call quality with more capabilities. Learn more about the call recording features for your industry and customizing call systems for your business with Vaspian.


Vaspian call recording solutions offer you the most robust and diverse recording systems on the web. Vaspian’s extension based recording platform allow you to pick and choose the extensions that you want to record. Once an extension is selected for recording, all calls will be recorded and archived for up 365 days. You can customize your call solutions to suit the needs of your company, you customers and your industry and enjoy maximum capability and efficiency at the lowest cost.

    • Unlimited Recording Per Extension for $10
    • 1 Year of Archival
    • Predictive Search and Filters So You Can Easily Find Any Call
    • Extension Based so that you can easily pick and choose which extensions to record
    • Free Live Call Monitoring Tools Included Such as Monitor, Whisper, Barge or Steal
Contact Center and Call Center Recording Software

For superior data analytics, customer service, legal purposes and continuous development, Vaspian gives you unlimited call recording at an affordable price. Cloud-based archival functions and storage for up to one year allow you to easily record, keep, sort and organize calls made throughout your business at any time. Find out what your customers are looking for, the service your employees are providing, settle any disputes made and resolve any issues easily by keeping an organized and complete record of phone conversations made. Whether you are making a few service calls to your best clients or you operate a call center making hundreds of calls each day, you can record and store all your calls easily in the cloud. Predictive search functionality allows you to easily find and use any call that you are looking for. Search by criteria that you designate including direction, extension, call group, originating number, destination number, date and time and more. If you are looking for a particular call you can find it in seconds by using the information that you know and finding the rest of the data in the recorded message.

If you wish to monitor a particular department or extension within your company, call recording features make it easy to do so without disrupting your company or employees. This feature may be useful for customer service departments as well as legal departments, finance departments and many other sections of the business which deal with important information or customer calls.

Call recording is an essential service for many businesses and being able to distinctly define the parameters and functions of your records allows you to use them more effectively. Call recording software for call centers  can be used for processing applications, information verification, code compliance, quality assurance, customer service and more. When you are making conference calls between remote employees, employees that work at home or you are organizing remote conference calls, call recording allows you to track company minutes and organize strategic priorities. You can use this functionality as it works best for your business and your employees, and change the capabilities and controls at any time.

Included with Vaspian’s call center recording solution are powerful and real-time monitoring tools such that you can listen to calls that are happening right now. Vaspian Call Monitoring tools allow your organization to

  • Silent Monitor
  • Whisper / Coach
  • Barge
  • Steal

These tools allow call center employees and managers the ability to train new employees, handle problematic calls in real time and any other operation that your call center may require.

Vaspian services all types of business verticals, see how they are using our Call Recording and Monitoring tools:

    • Debt Collections companies are required to record and store calls by FDCPA regulations. By recording calls, it helps keep agents on track and focused on driving revenue. Call monitoring tools such as Monitor, Whisper, Barge and Steal provide managers the tools necessary to manage situations in real time before they become a complaint or even a lawsuit. Call recording reduces the liability risk for the business as it holds agents accountable and allows the company and its managers to avoid costly litigation.
    • Financial services such as banks, credit unions and investment firms to maintain code compliance, enhance customer service and verify information. When confidential information is transferred or important transactions take place, call records provide a record to verify this information and resolve any disputes. Recorded calls also provide an audit trail for any verbal transactions, simplifying all of the work involved.
Contact Center and Call Center Recording Software
  • Automotive service centers use recording to quickly find calls and settle customer disputes and can assist in providing significant improvements in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Government offices such as voting centers, political offices, public services and other institutions will find it easy to handle calls from their constituents, take surveys, create targeted calling operations and much more.
  • Healthcare providers can easily record their interactions and maintain code compliance, while managing referrals, billing and securing confidential patient information.
  • Legal institutions can take advantage of complete information accuracy for every case as well as superior information security.

Reduce costs of communications and take advantage of clear call quality with more capabilities. Learn more about the call recording features for your industry and customizing call systems for your business through Vaspian.

Key Benefits

365 Days of Archival

Our call recording and monitoring services come with one year of free cloud storage for all calls.

Predictive Search & Filters

Easily find and use any call that you are looking for. Search by criteria including direction, extension, call group, origination number, destination number, date and time.

Extension Based Cost

Unlimited recording is available for $10 per extension. Record as many or as few extensions as you wish with the ability to update this number at any time.

Unique Monitoring Features

Enjoy features like call monitor, whisper, barge and steal.