Call Reporting & Wallboard Software

Our reporting with advanced call analytics are designed to provide your business with powerful, real-time reporting capabilities. Vaspian’s call reporting and wallboard software features give you a bigger picture of what is happening on your call center floor. Reports happen to be one of our strengths. We created a quick menu for frequent reports, so you will not have to create new parameters every time. Your reports cover individual extensions, groups, any length of time you desire, and even reports on your phone lines. My favorite, ‘Today’s Calls’ shows an hour by hour breakdown of all calls. With every report you will also see a call log of every call included in the report. All reports are held inside of your Vaspian Portal and can be viewed anywhere, on any device.

What Are the Benefits of Call Reporting?

Call reporting allows you to search data quickly and interpret it into easy-to-understand graphics and interfaces. With our array of reporting features you can easily break down the data already within every phone call made or received.

Call Reporting & Wallboard Software for VoIP Phone Systems

How Can Wallboards Assist Your Team?

Wallboards allow your team to visualize their successes and areas for improvement in real time. We recommend displaying wallboards on-screen for your entire team to view.

wallboard systems for call centers


Key Benefits

Real-Time Reporting

Get a bigger picture of what is happening in your business with a historical view of all call data.

Pre-Defined Reports

Enjoy quick access to the information that can help your team make improvements, including top callers, top answers, busiest users, busiest hours and more.

Custom Reports

Build display groups, search custom date ranges and choose how information is displayed to meet the individual needs of your business.

Display real-time call center metrics to your management team or call center floor to improve employee performance.