Vaspian Communications Suite (VCS)

Presence, collaboration and communication allowing you to get work done from anywhere with our unified communications client.

Vaspian Communications Suite (VCS) works with your Vaspian service and provides a powerful alternative to their hardware phone so that your end users can stay connected and communicate as a team.    Work from any device, (Desktop or Mobile) anywhere you have an internet connection.   

The service provides the following features:

  • Softphone / Fully functioning Vaspian phone for your desktop and mobile
  • Presence – Quickly and easily see who is on the phone, or who might be taking a break. (both phone status and personal status)
  • Chat / Instant messaging 
  • Team / Group Chat (similar to Microsoft Teams)
  • One to One Video Conferencing
  • Full Collaboration / Group Video Conferencing for up to 6 End Points
  • Desktop Screenshare

The service is $13.95 Per Extension / User

  • Includes Desktop and Mobile Client
  • Up to 4 Connections per user
  • Phone with presence, chat and group chat
  • Video Calling
  • Collaboration tools such as group video conferencing and screenshare