Conference Room Phones

Vaspian strives to offer our customers the best and most comprehensive conference room phone systems to meet their company’s needs. The FLX Wireless Conference Phone provides customers with the freedom and flexibility they need when it comes to audio and video conferencing. Developed with small- to medium-sized business clients in mind, the phone system provides businesses with the adaptability and quality they desire when it comes to their conference room technology.

mivoice conference room VoIP PhoneMiVoice Conference Unit

  • 16 microphones situated around the device allow clear sound pickup from up to 12 feet away.
  • Beamforming technology automatically locates the prime speaker in the room, reduces the noise from the other microphones and provides visual indication of the active microphone beam to users in the room.
  • Includes a built-in, four-party audio conferencing bridge.
  • The “consultation call” feature provides users the ability to call a participant outside the conference bridge even when the bridge is full.
  • Can be connected to a business’ corporate directory via Active Directory® or LDAP support.
  • Web browser allows multimedia support for access to cloud-based services, such as Gmail, Exchange Web for contact dialing and chat functions.
  • Two USB 2.0 connections for transferring or accessing files or to attach accessories, such as a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Micro SD card slot for accessing files.

conference-room-phones1FLX Wireless Conference Phone

The FLX wireless phone surpasses traditional conference phone designs with its superior speaker, microphone and dial pad features. The conference phone’s design caters to the business through its range of options for placement and accessibility. This phone takes the stress out of preparing for an audio or video conference call by delivering an easy-to-use phone system that adapts to your company’s needs instead of the other way around. Vaspian can help you find the conference room phone that best meets your need for flexibility.

The FLX wireless phone system is available in a range of versions and microphone configurations to best meet your business’s individual needs:

  • The FLX2-200 features two omnidirectional microphones, providing coverage of two distinct areas of the room for better sound quality
  • The FLX2-101 offers one wearable and one omnidirectional microphone, optimizing the quality of conference room presentations where a live audience is present
  • The FLX2-020 uses two directional microphones, ideal for the audio of video conferences in which participants call in from a limited area
  • The FLX2-002 provides two wearable microphones, best suited for conference room presentations without a live audience

The FLX wireless conference room phones are also available with both VoIP and analog interfaces. The phone features an easily usable, plug-and-play set up straight from the box with integrated Bluetooth technology, allowing for device collaboration within any communication channel. Users can also connect speakers and microphones on the phone to any of their Bluetooth-enabled devices, giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility when it comes to utilizing the system. The phone can also serve as an audio interface with any major brand of video conferencing equipment, promising high-end audio performance with any video calls. Additional benefits of the phone include:

  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Resistant to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices
  • Secure 128-bit encryption
  • Optimized sound quality via microphone and speaker placement
  • Handset for private calls
  • Minimized conferencing costs by combining the equipment required for audio and video calls into a single unified system

FLX™ UC 1000, VoIP & USB Conference Phone

Features of the phone include:

  • Make, Answer, Hold, Resume, Transfer (Blind and Supervised), Forwarding, Do not disturb, Redial, Call Timer, Call
    ID, Speed Dial, Missed Call Notifications, Voice Mail Notifications (switch configured)
  • Supports Bridging SIP and USB Calls. Join, Split, Hold, Resume, 3+1 Lines: Up to 2 SIP calls, 1 USB call, plus
    the user