Connectivity Solutions

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, small businesses are made to compete with larger firms who receive preferential treatment from communication providers, prioritizing their data-streams over others. Simply put, higher bandwidths and data speeds are not enough: your connection depends on a variety of factors that can render even the most expensive service upgrades useless.

Vaspian of Buffalo, New York is here to help businesses increase their connectivity and enjoy the fastest, most reliable business communication services regardless of server traffic. By maximizing your existing connection, or selecting new services based your business’ specific needs, you can enjoy consistent, reliable telecommunication connectivity from anywhere.

Vaspian offers businesses a variety of ways to increase their connectivity so that you can choose the services best suited to your specific needs, and provides real data to better understand the services and upgrades you may require:

Bring Your Own Connection (BYOC)

Vaspian services can work anywhere you have an Internet connection. In most cases, your current internet services will suffice for standard telecommunication needs after some fine-tuning. Using real-time data and analytics, Vaspian will construct an approximate measurement of your service speeds and latency using Ping Tests. Ping tests are used to measure latency in milliseconds, or how quickly a data packet moves from one destination to another by measuring the average speed of packets over a 10 second period from your PC to a website. Latency is more important than the size of your internet connection as distances vary from one website to the next.

Private Access Network (PAN)

Our most common installation, also known as Engineered VoIP. Most Cloud based telecommunication providers’ don’t take into account their client’s specific voice and data needs. At Vaspian, we take the time to understand your business, and cater our services to your unique requirements. With our PAN services, Vaspian creates a voice and data tunnel using Cisco systems, the most trusted name in telecommunications technology, to ensure that voice services receive priority treatment. This methodology is known as Quality of Service or QoS, or, a guarantee that your call quality will be consistent, with unmatched clarity.

Dedicated / Private Line

For larger firms who may have multiple offices with intercommunication needs and high bandwidths, it is necessary to order dedicated or private line services such as T1 or Fiber. Vaspian has nationwide partners that allow us to order dedicated services to accommodate these needs.

Automated Failover

Vaspian has the ability to combine the above options to provide the ultimate suite of services for your business. These custom packages are surprisingly affordable and provide the utmost in reliability. If one circuit were to go down, you have a backup in place, and Vaspian’s technology will make the switch without your businesses’ connectivity being affected.