Modern Communications for Government Agencies

Vaspian provides the public sector with cutting edge technology from a trusted source with unbeatable customer service. Government agencies find that we not only make bills smaller, but easier to manage. We make it easy to manage or expand your communications system with calling, messaging, conferencing, fax and internet all under one provider.  Vaspian provides web and calling support if you encounter any problems and allows you to easily organize your serviced from a web portal.

Connectivity at your fingertips

We deliver exceptional voice quality and capabilities, as well as the service you depend on to stay up and running.

Office phone installation

Intelligent call routing feature

Easy setup and mainteance

Reliable Failover Services

We are a leader in reliable failover services and disaster recovery. Not to mention the security to amount of features offered. The most common backup circuits include:



Microwave Wireless

4G Cellular Services

“We were hesitant when first going from standard phone service to VOIP. Vaspian made the process more than easy and were more than willing to be here to assist with the setup and getting everything changed over. Of the very few times I have had to call their support line thee staff have always explained and helped solve any and all issues i was having. I would feel comfortable recommending them to friends/business associates.”

Hassle-free communication technology

Vaspian provides an exceptional level of service in all communications with hassle-free technology that is user-friendly, reliable, affordable, and secure. To learn more about our, systems, give us a call!