How to Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction with VoIP Features

hotel receptionist answering phone call

When it comes to the hospitality industry, nothing is more important than guest satisfaction. A pleasant stay will result in return visits and  positive word-of-mouth marketing. In such a competitive field, it is the little things that can make the biggest impact, which is why a VoIP phone system can really stand out in your guests’ memory.

Here’s how:

Automated Assistance

Busy spurts are all too common at hotel front desks, and if you often face this problem, an automated voice system can help.

Instead of leaving guests in limbo when all of your attendants are busy, provide them with automated assistance. The perfect solution to help individuals calling for pool and restaurant hours, maintenance help and other quick questions, you can program your system to direct calls to the correct extensions or read pre-recorded messages.

Wake Up Calls

Gone are the days of confusing telephone buttons and feature codes to set and modify wake up calls. Easy to use web based portal allows hotel staff easy access to quickly set up, view or manage wake up calls for all guests.

Call Forwarding

Perfect for when things get hectic, call forwarding allows you to step away from the front desk without completely disconnecting. Whether you are assisting a hotel guest or checking in with a staff member, this feature lets you to forward all calls to a long-range cordless handset (or your cell phone) to ensure guests are not left waiting while you are on the go.

Better Communication

On top of helping you provide better services to your guests, a VoIP phone system can also allow your staff to improve communications internally. With long-range cordless handsets available, all staff members can be kept in the loop, providing faster and more efficient service to the guests staying under your roof.

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