Call Announce– Caller ID indicates the auto attendant selection made

Caller ID Block – Change your caller ID as Private

Call Screening – Control calls before answered

Do Not Disturb – Send callers directly to voicemail

Set Caller ID – Choose each extension’s caller ID

Busy/Active Extension Lit – Indicates Extensions in use

Call Hold– Place a call on hold to answer another

Call Logs– Lists of all inbound calls, regardless of the length of the call

Call Park– Place a call on hold that can be picked up from any phone

Call Waiting– Create rules for inbound calls while you are on the phone

Shared Line– Pick up calls nearby or remove calls from other phones

Cell phone twinning – Tether your mobile and desk phone to ring together Use your cell phone instead of a desk phone

Vaspian Portal– Portals with limited access custom built for each user

Caller ID– See the caller ID of all inbound calls on your phone

Custom Call Tagging– Caller ID will indicate menu selected by customer

Follow Me– Rules to have calls forwarded to one or more cell phones

Local Presence– Own phone numbers in every city/state

Main Company Number– Bring your own or create a new main number

Music on Hold– Choose from 17 music types or create an announcement

Toll Free– Own as many toll-free numbers as you like

User Portal– from Agent to Admin, design each portal as you see fit

Voicemail to Email– Send Voicemails (transcribed) to your email

Voicemail– Each extension can have its own voicemail to email

Virtual Receptionist– Auto Attendant

Voicemail– Securely check your voicemails from anywhere

Call Blocking– Block calls that are deemed nuisance or threatening

Call Conference– Add up to 10 calls per phone

Click to Dial– See CRM Integration

Support– Free Support 24/7 Hosted Solution by phone, ticket, email

Call forwarding– Redirect your calls to your mobile phone/ group of

Call Flip– Move calls taken from your cell back to your desk

Mobile Apps– Manage your phone system from the palm of your hand

Multi-desk or ‘Hot Desking’– Register several devices to one extension

Never Miss a Call– Create rules so all unanswered calls come to you

Work from Anywhere– Turn your mobile phone into an office extension

Call Group– Forward calls to multiple extensions and cell phones

Call Monitor– Allow certain users the ability to listen to calls

Conference Bridge– Up to 99 callers

Paging– Broadcast announcements through your desk phones

Intercom– Speak to another extension without requiring handset pickup

Multi-Location Integration– create one shared system throughout locations

Unlimited Local calls– Replaces Paying ‘by the minute”

Unlimited Long Distance – Replaces paying ‘by the minute”

Direct Dial– Each extension can have its own direct number for publishing

Number Porting– Bring all your lines, faxes, and numbers over

Reporting– Graphs, charts, built in daily, hourly, weekly monthly stats

Leader Board– Stank ranking, streaming call totals from best to worst

Comparison Reports– Shows last months versus this month’s production

Peak Time Reports– shows gaps in call production

Data Reports– All reports show all calls included in the reports

Out of the Office Voicemail– Mangers can listen to absent employee vmail

3-digit dial– Include multiple offices and mobile phones as 3digit extensions

Fax to email– Store every fax on your desktop for simple retrieval

Easy Fax– Send any fax where you have an internet connection

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