Intelligent Call Routing

A system of rules applied to inbound calls that push a call through your company. Often called ‘Ring Group/Hunt Group’ beginning with an Auto-Attendant, when a caller presses a menu option only chosen extensions will be included in the call route. Additionally, if those ‘level one’ extensions do not answer, additional rules are made on both the number of rings and your customization in what happens to the call next. With Vaspian, you may include your cell phone number as part of your call routing infrastructure and have voicemails sent to an email, with dictation. Emails can be individual or sent to a group. You will never miss another call again; not even if you wanted to.

When a customer or client calls on your company for assistance, you want to connect them with the best possible person to handle their comments, questions, or problems. One way to ensure you’re able to do this is by utilizing intelligent call routing from Vaspian. There are many call centers, customer support departments, and others that can benefit from using intelligent call routing to provide customers and clients with great service when they contact a company.
Intelligent Call Routing
When you have an intelligent call routing system in place, it’ll work to identify a customer or client when they reach out to your company. The advanced systems from Vaspian are able to quickly gather information related to a customer or client’s previous inquiries while also considering their value to your company. This will help them to decide which of your agents would be best suited to meet their specific needs. It’s a complicated process, but it’s well worth it in the end when a customer or client is connected to an agent that either has experience working with them or has the necessary expertise to assist them with whatever they’re calling about.

Intelligent call routing systems have become more important than ever before in recent years since most customers and clients are short on time and patience. They don’t want to be shuffled around from one agent to the next to get an answer to a question they have. They want you to be able to set them up with the right agent from the very start, so they can get the help they need within a matter of just a few minutes. Vaspian can show you how to do this using intelligent call routing.

Ring Group/Hunt Group

The assignment of extensions assigned to an inbound call. Most companies will ring all extensions in a ring group when a call comes in, whichever extension answers first receives the call. With Vaspian, you have multiple options including assigning the exact order to each extension as in 1,2,3 and a second call will begin with phone 2, a third call begin at phone 3. You may also create multiple groups that ring at once and then fall to individual extensions. You may include a group of cell phones that are included in the ring groups as well.

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