Liveboard Dashboard

One of the keys to running a successful company is finding ways to motivate your employees day in and day out.

Charts, graphs, and infographics detailing phones that are logged in, active, on a call. Vaspian has several dashboards including calls on hold, active talk time and call totals, and dashboards allowing Managers to monitor and even engage in active calls.

You can provide your employees with more motivation moving forward and keep them updated on all the progress your company is making by hanging a live dashboard from Vaspian in each section of your office space. Liveboards are an effective way to display important information in your office and showcase the common goals that your employees should be working towards every day.

At Vaspian, we carry several different live dashboard options that would work well within your specific office. Whether you plan on using your liveboard to display news, graphs, charts, photos, or something else, it’ll show whatever information you want to share with your employees and make it as easy as possible to read. Your employees will feel more of a connection to their work when they can see the progress they’re making right in front of them.

There are other benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you install a live dashboard in your office, too. If a project your employees are working on appears to be trending in the wrong direction, a liveboard allows your management team to point out potential problems and fix them quickly. They can work to improve the performance of your employees by using the real-time data provided to them. Your entire company will feel more in control when they have live dashboards from Vaspian available. It’ll make a big difference in the way your business operates and increase your chances of putting together good days.

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