Phone System with Multiple Location Integration

Multi-Location Integration VoIP Phone Systems

Vaspian specializes in multiple location phone systems that are flexible, mobile and reliable.

What is Multi-Location Integration?

A feature that allows employees to communicate seamlessly regardless of location, multi-location integration sets Vaspian’s phone system apart from others.

With access on more devices in more places, every member of your team can stay in touch and share information with ease. You can access your phone system from any of our office phones, as well as through our website and on mobile devices using the Bria Softphone app.

Transfer calls, access directories, monitor calls, record call and more from your office or your home.

With the ability to connect up to 10 devices from a single extension, you can plug in your cell phone, laptop, tablet, desktop and other smart devices on a single communicative network.

Contact Vaspian today to learn more about multi-location integration for your business or to get help setting your integrations up.

Key Benefits

Work from Anywhere

With just your extension and PIN, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Stay in touch with co-workers and clients whether you are in the office, on your way to a meeting or on a business trip.

Access System Features on the Go

Whether you need to transfer a call, access your phone directory, monitor calls or check recordings, you can do it all in the office, from home and on the go.

Connect Up to 10 Devices

Multi-location integration gives you the ability to connect up to 10 devices from a single extension. Plug in your cell phone, laptop, tablet and desktop to answer calls to your extension from anywhere!