My Vaspian Phone Service


My Vaspian is your full service, end-to-end cloud-based communications system, capable of managing every aspect of your office’s communications, both internally and externally. Our phone solutions are both scalable and simple, and with our incredibly affordable pricing, you can have cutting edge service without cutting into your profits.

Exceptional Quality

The exceptional quality of our service is unmatched in the business, providing dedicated local support and assistance to make solving any issue a snap. Our cloud-based platform provides robust flexibility, allowing you to use our dedicated devices or plug in your existing phone network using our Bring Your Own Connectivity plan. Our reliable and simple to use phone services come with easy setup and straightforward management software that makes installation and expansion a breeze.

Automated Redundancy and Failover Solutions

My Vaspian is also incredibly safe, secure and reliable, giving you peace of mind that outages and downtime will be a thing of the past. All Vaspian systems are capable of having automated failsafe systems that rollover to a secondary connection if there’s ever a failure with your primary service, and all calls are privately routed through secure voice over IP (VOIP) connections. In addition, our round-the-clock monitoring alerts us to any issues with your system immediately, allowing our highly trained expert technicians to start solving problems as soon as they happen and ensuring that our high quality service stays working for you.


It’s all about mobility these days, and My Vaspian is ready to move with the times. Our services are fully adaptable to be used over IP from any location – home, work or on the road. Our mobility services include call forwarding, cellphone twinning and mobile softphone capabilities, letting you work from anywhere. With our latest innovative features, you also receive voicemail to email, fax to email and emergency override functionality, making your office as mobile as you are.

Call Reporting

We also offer exceptional phone management and analytics, allowing you to keep on top of your employees call stats and effectively manage your business. With simple-to-use reporting, you can keep track of calls and employee productivity in real time and leverage statistical information to improve and grow your business and identify areas of growth and opportunity in your workforce.

Unlimited Call Recording with 1 year storage

We also offer a full array of recording solutions to help with your training initiatives, monitoring call quality, or to providing you with a record to review in case of any questions or disputes that may arise. We offer complete call recording services, capable of unlimited recording of every line in service and providing unmatched record retention for your organization. Recordings can also be selectively set on a specific line or extension, affording you versatility and flexibility with your recording needs. Plus, all new clients receive complimentary storage and archival services from Vaspian for one full year, allowing you to see the value of phone recording at no cost to your business.

Call Monitoring – Silent Monitor, Whisper/Coach, Barge or Steal

The My Vaspian platform also allows managers and supervisors to easily monitor and train new employees or workers in need of additional support and guidance. Our silent monitoring functionality allows management to listen in to any call, while whispering services let you communicate directly so that just your employee can hear your recommendations or tips. Plus, with the barge and steal functions, it’s easy to cut into a call or take it over entirely if the situation requires a more hands-on approach.

With Vaspian your business will Always have the latest and greatest…

Our cloud solutions are also constantly growing and expanding, keeping you at the leading edge of innovation. New functionality and features are being regularly added, and roll out to your business with an easy and instantaneous updating process. Our easy-to-use online management system makes call forwarding and device management a snap, and our intuitive user interface makes navigating features and functionality simple for even the least tech savvy user. From phone to fax, call logs to extension management, it’s all easy to manage from anywhere with an Internet connection.

All at an affordable price…

My Vaspian also offers a significant cost savings over traditional phone services, meaning your business will get more for less from our platform. All systems include local and long-distance calling, and bundles are available to include your Internet services as well to help simplify your billing. As the largest telephone operator in upstate New York, our customers across the state and throughout the Northeast trust our expertise, experience and excellence to provide them with the perfect tailor-made solution for their business. Give us a call today, and see what a world of difference Vaspian can make for your operation.