Northtowns Orthopedics: Multi Location Integration

Northtowns OrthopedicsNorthtowns Orthopedics is one of Buffalo’s leading and largest orthopedic centers, with multiple locations to support throughout Western New York.

When Northtowns came to Vaspian, they required an integrated communications system that fulfilled all of the different needs of each center.This system also need to be intuitive, cost-effective and enable growth potential.

After partnering with us, Northtowns Orthopedic was able to consolidate their many phone and Internet providers with one comprehensive and dedicated service.

With one provider for all calls, internet service, conference calls, transfers and more, any questions about service or billing are directed to one centralized service center. This way, customers no longer have to make their way through a series of automated responses to receive assistance.

Northtowns benefited most from Vaspian’s centralized inbound calling.

This service decreased the time and manpower needed to direct calls to each center, and made it easier for customers to reach the location they needed.

Switching to Vaspian’s VOIP phone service provided Northtowns Orthopedics with streamlined billing, exceptional quality and organized service.

Over their eight years of service with us, Northtowns Orthopedic has saved:

  • 6 FTE

  • Over $200,000 annually

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