Business Phone Systems & Hardware from Vaspian

Whether you’re in sales or service, big business or small scale, you communicate with your clients, colleagues, and the world at large with your integrated business phone systems.

Vaspian provides some of the highest quality phone hardware on the market, because we know that hardware failure is lost productivity for your company.

Offering a variety of options to create a network that works for your business, we will ensure each phone you select is installed properly, and Vaspian is happy to provide on-site training to you and your employees during our service call.

We currently offer the following hardware solutions, which compliment the multi-line phone systems we will be installing for your business:

IP Phones: Multi-line-capable desk phones which use voice over IP technology for placing and transmitting calls over an IP network rather than a traditional phone line

Conference Room Phones: Specialized phones designed to allow for ultimate vocal clarity and noise cancellation, typically for use in meeting rooms

Headsets & Receptionist Consoles: Intended to be used more frequently, Vaspian’s headsets and receptionist consoles offer comfort of use, internal memory for many options, and the ability to remain on the line, hands free, during your busiest days

Remote Office Access: Using Vaspian’s technology, you can travel the world, carrying a phone with you that keeps you in touch with your company and its’ clients.