Remote Office/Teleworker

Home Office & Remote Phone Systems

Vaspian employs a variety of remote office features to help businesses of all shapes and sizes stay connected whether their team is working on-site, from home or on the road.

How Does Our Remote Office Service Work?

A centralized reception center consolidates all calls into a single location, allowing on-the-go workers to communicate while reception staff attends to the office.

Bring your work with you anywhere and stay connected with everyone in your team.  Call us at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more about remote and home office telephony systems from Vaspian.

If you already have Vaspian phone service and need remote office setup click here

Key Benefits


Reach any employee, at any location, directly through the speakerphone on your handset.

Phone Directory

Scroll through your handset’s phone directory to contact coworkers with ease.

Make calls from laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Hot Desking

Log in or out of any handset to make calls from your extension while your desk, home office or the conference room.

Multi Desking

Stay logged in to your extension on up to 10 different devices, including cell phone, office phone, desktop, tablet and laptop.

Remote Office

Take your office phone with you or purchase an additional handset for your home or other remote location.