Vaspian is incredible! One of the best business decisions I have ever made.


I’ve been involved in a couple of phone installs with Vaspian for various companies that I’ve worked for, and the system just works. More importantly is the customer service provided. Stellar customer service is a hard thing to come by these days, and Vaspian delivers.


The company and I have had very positive experience with Vaspian and have been dealing with Greg who I believe is one of the owners. Its nice to know that the owner actually takes part in the day to day operations and actually cares about his clients. The service and the phones they provided us have been working very well for our operation of over 150 people, our staff has only positive to report back on the use of the phones and the clarity of the lines. Good owners, good product and good service.


Vaspian has provided my company with excellent customer service and their team is always available for any of our support needs. We’ve been with them for a number of years and have had no major issues. I would highly recommend Vaspian for your telecommunication needs.


Excellent customer service. Always willing to help if I need something. Quick to resolve any issues. Friendly and professional service. I have worked with this company while at two different locations and they have always been consistent with problem solving and keeping our work flow going.

Vaspian, Has been more than ‘just a phone provider” . It was previously mentioned that the Vaspian team are partners to your business. and nothing could be more true. I speak from experience when i say that I am certain that verizon probably would not assist you in figuring out network issues and solutions that do not pertain to the service they provide. Greg ( the owner) has always been helpful in anyway he can or would at very least point you in the right direction.. I dont know of any “phone provider” that would do those types of things other than Vaspian.. I’ve been with them for 10+ years and intend to stay 10+ more.. great service, cutting edge technology, and a commitment to improve existing service options while constantly adding more.. Vaspian is a “must have” for any industry.. Keep up the great work Team Vaspian !!!


Our business has a few locations around town. After shopping around their telephone system is the best bang for the back. Since I’m constantly on the move I like the feature that I can “take my extension with me”, Great services overall, would definitely recommend.


We have partnered with Vaspian since 2005. Since we hit the ground running with our new phone system, we have been completely satisfied. The Customer Service/Tech Team is always willing to assist us and help me configure our phone systems to do exactly what is needed! We added a second location a few years ago and just this week, their dedicated Customer Service/Tech Support Team worked patiently with me and taught me what I had to do on the web interface to get my phone system to be more responsive to our needs that change daily! Shout out to Greg, Andy, Alex, Sam, Tori & Larry! Thanks for your continued excellent service!!!


I have used Vaspian for my call center needs for over 10 years. Recently, I experienced some growth and transition. The help I received was above and beyond my expectations. Our needs were met and twice we had a technician come out to help us personally. We could not be happier to have them as as partner and vendor. Would recommend to anyone!

Michelle M

My company has been with Vaspian for a few years now. Switching from our old provider they were able to give us a much better price as well as superior service. Their customer service and techs go above and beyond to resolve any issues or changes that need to be made. Vaspian’s web platform is extremely user friendly while still offering an abundance of great features. I would highly recommend them to any business needing phone service!




Vaspian has always been responsive to our needs …. especially when equipment needs servicing or the internet shuts down. Great job Vaspian!


Andrew did a great job with our recent communication
problem. He was able to diognose the exact problem, which
was a router. He also had a replacement with him which expedited
the repair. Thanks again


Aubre Murphy is amazing and she is a pioneer at Vaspian she was my old supervisor and she is something special. Vaspian is a great concept in communications for the future……


Our Vaspian rep. Tori has been awesome! She made sure our set ups were correctly in place and continues to provide outstanding customer service to date. Thank you!


The price is right, the people are happy, and I’ve never experienced a single issue with the service!


Love the new service, switched from Vonage and now all the telemarketing calls are gone due to the auto attendant and we never miss a stride during the hustle and bustle of the day to day over at Diversity Design. Thanks Aubre Murphy for setting this up.


Great customer service, quality products when in a bind and long term relationships make Vaspian a great company to work with. Plenty of functions while still simple enough for the everyday user.


Great service, great people, great equipment. Very responsive.


I used Vaspian at three agencies. You cannot find the innovation, creative solutions or quality anywhere else. This is the only system you will need ever again. I use their auto dialer, their mobile phone twin daily. I pull reports from my laptop at home. Support is free for life and instantly accommodating to new ideas I need implemented. Great job guys.


They set up the phone system for one of my previous employers. The whole process was smooth sailing and their employees truly care!! I’d recommend again and again.


The team at Vaspian is very helpful and knowledgeable. They are very helpful with tailoring your phone system to what your company needs are and willing to stop at nothing to get you to where you want to be.


Great service and great support


The company I work for has had a business relationship with Vaspian since before I started in 2010. If there is any issue they are quick to resolve the problem. The support staff is knowledgeable and easy to reach.

They helped integrate a PA system in our HQ for the warehouse and were able to add service on one integrated system connecting our Indiana, Massachusetts, and New York offices.

I would highly recommend Vaspian!


Couldn’t be happier with the customer service and great phone system! These guys are truly above the rest I appreciate everything!!!

Michael V

Our office phone systems are top notch. I learn a new feature everyday and it makes communication simple. I haven’t come across any problems yet and Vaspian has been awesome to work with. I highly recommend them!


We have been a customer of Vaspian for over 12 years.. Greg and his team have been extremely reliable and diligent over this time period! The Vaspian plat form/line of products have been very beneficial to our growth in a industry which holds compliance at a very high standard.

Brad S

The customer service we receive is always top notch! From the services offered to the response rate, we’ve never had any complaints! Thanks, Vaspian!


Andy Seltz is the field engineer for Vaspian who works with our office in East Aurora. Andy is the most knowledgeable vendor rep we work with.
He provides excellent service and is a real problem solver. Our entire office view’s Andy as one of the most valuable members of the Vaspian team.


Blown away by the functions and features of my Vaspian phone system. Archiving and searching through calls is as simple as digging through email! I don’t know how our business got along without it.


Vaspian provides a great and dependable phone service.

Mark G

The Vaspian team did an incredible job overhauling our previous phone system. From selecting the proper equipment, installing, and most importantly educating the staff, it truly was a top notch experience. Kudos to the Vaspian team.


12 years with Vaspian and I have nothing but good to say about them. Outstanding service. Responsive at a moment’s notice. Extraordinarily tolerant of tech ignorance on the part of us users. And, affordable to boot.


Customer for over 11 years and the system has grown with us from 1 location and 12 users to 3 permanent locations and numerous temporary offices between Buffalo and Rochester with 60+ users today. Responsive service and great features with a VERY reasonable cost basis make Vaspian our choice in the VOIP market.


A new member of my team mistakenly reset some hardware today in our server room, just at the close of business. We needed extraordinary help, raised the alarm and Vaspian responded in force. All without teasing us for goofing up, though they could have. The bottom line is that they’re a partner, not a vendor. I see it when they answer the support line on the first or second ring and I saw it tonight when I needed them. Great company. Period.

John J

Vaspian offers exceptional products, services, and support at tier best pricing in comparison to their competitors. There are several reasons why they are the leader in VoIP enterprises.


Andy is always very helpful!


Vaspian has provided my company excellent service at a great price. They are a leader and I highly recommend!


Excellent phone service and outstanding support. Vaspian tech’s assisted with new configuration for an office move on a last minute notice! We were up and running in no time.


A solid, quality VoIP solution. Customer service/tech support is easy to contact and responsive.

Gavin L

Vaspian is great. Switching our phones over to them was so easy and the customer service was excellent.


Vaspian has always been there for us when we need them. They are quick to respond and able to get out within a day or so if we need them to come in to attend to any issues we may be having. Their support team does a great job, especially their tech, Andy!


We have had our new phone system from Vaspian for a couple of weeks and I can not say enough good things. The transition was perfect and the support after the install has been fantastic. I would recommend this company to any business looking to upgrade their phone system.


Great Service! Support is always a delight to work with. Fast and timely response when needed. Andy is awesome to work with!

Won’t use anyone else for our phone systems. Thanks Vaspian!


From Customer service to Tech support, absolutely grade A service. Products and services are on point. No down time and very reliable good quality service. I recommend them to everyone! and Aubre Murphy to Jay Stroe, the whole crew thank you!


Great Service and Great People !!


Andy at Vaspian is extremely knowledgeable and responsive!


Alternative Information Systems has been a satisfied client of Vaspian’s since 2008.
If we have a question, need to make system changes or in the few instances where there was an issue, the staff is very responsive.
They are always there to help, quickly answering our questions, addressing requested changes or, in the rare instance, fixing the problem.


Great service! Our install went smoothly and the phones and service are significantly better than what we used previously. The select few times I needed to place a service ticket resulted in very quick resolutions. Highly recommend everyone at Vaspian! A huge thank you to Tori and Andy for all their help with our set up and the support after!


Vaspian took care if everything for me from getting my system ordered and setup! Their customer service has been outstanding! Anytime I needed assistance or a little guidance, someone was always there to quickly give me guidance. Tori was very helpful in guiding me through the whole process! So glad we made the decision to switch our phone systems to Vaspian and look forward to a long lasting relationship!!!


From start, to finish, and beyond, Vaspian provides a level of professional service that has kept us running and satisfied for years. Due their high standards, we routinely recommend Vaspian to other companies.


Been with Vaspian for years now and very glad we made the switch. Every time we have a complicated request, they are able to deliver. They’ve helped us with multiple remote phones and even integrating a second office out of state so we are able to intercom back and forth. When we had a multiple stage move to our new office, Vaspian made it so we didn’t have any downtime. Andy is awesome. He actually fixed problems that our previous tech company could not solve.


Alex in tech support and Tammy in billing always goes above and beyond for our company. We highly recommend Vaspian.

James R

5 locations with 30 users …..Great service


This company has stellar service and great pricing. I highly recommend you reach out to them for all your phone and fax needs!


I love love love Vaspian! The best service and best agent, Aubrē!!! Professional and affordable. Highly recommend!!!


Always great service! Super fast to handle any issues and quality people!


Amazing phone service and tech support. I would highly recommend this company!


It’s a pleasure doing business with Vaspian…sales-folks are extremely helpful and in no way pushy…very relaxed…the system, itself, is top-notch…we’ve never experienced a system malfunction with them…would recommend to anyone in need of an office-wide telecommunication system


I have been with Vaspian for the past decade or so and i can not say enough good about their customer service and responsiveness to all my needs. I have over 20 phones with them at 6 different locations and they are always there to help with all of them! Reliable and very trustworthy! I plan to stay with them for the next decade!


Thanks Dude!

I have to tell you, I’ve been in the business for 34 years, worked with hundreds of various services vendors and I think your Customer Service is about the best I have seen.

Paul LaFave | Chief Technology Officer | Clarus Linens   

"As an early adopter of the VASPIAN model, our organization was able to transform the way we handle telecommunications. Allowing us to shed 30 years of inefficient and disparate systems we streamlined and unified our multiple locations with a single system. The improvement was instant and noticeably improved our ability to handle our call volume in a manner unobtainable prior to the switch. The web based platform allows full and complete control over the system while not having to house or service another box sitting in our already crowded IT closet. The fear of migrating to a new “telephone” system vanished within hours of the install and cut-over. Much more than just a “phone system” the VASPIAN model allows us to continue to advance the way we communicate, not only with our external contacts but within the organization itself. Simply put – it works well."

Joel C. Farwell | Practice Manager | Northtowns Orthopedics, P.C.   

"The people at Vaspian are honest, dependable, and always there when you need them. The folks at Vaspian take the time to get to know you and your business, and they work hard to satisfy your communication needs."

G. Scott Murray | Firm Administrator | Lumsden & McCormick, LLP   

“One of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Brian White | Practice Manager | DIA   

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