Is your office VoiP ready?

A Voice over Internet Protocol system will change the way you conduct business, no matter the industry. With the VoIP system going online instead of dialing up, your phone system can be easily accessible on any device without boundaries and can support a larger variety of call features than ever before.

Optimizing your phone system and implementing a voice over IP phone relies heavily on the speed of your internet. A speed test will provide you with an accurate representation of how efficient your internet connection is performing on any device, which can help you determine if your office is ready to take on a VoIP communications system.

The test will calculate the average of your fastest download and upload rates between your computer and network, analyzing the impact of speed and latency of your internet connection.

The download speed of your connection represents the maximum amount of data you can receive in megabits per second (Mbps). Your upload speed will often be lower than your download speed and will reflect the actual bandwidth of your computer, or the maximum transfer rate your network can handle.

The average VoIP phone call uses 100Kpbs for uploads and downloads, so if your upload speed is 10Mbps, then your network has the ability to host up to 100 VoIP phone calls. However, other bandwidth usage will inevitably occur throughout an average business day, so the actual number of concurrent phone calls would be closer to 20.

The latency of your connection will also be revealed with this speed test. The latency measures how delayed your computer’s connection is to your network. Also known as ping time, this number should be below 100ms for an efficient internet connection capable of taking on a VoIP phone system.

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