A softphone is a computer program or mobile phone application used to make phone calls over the internet from any device with a speaker and mic, including computers and mobile devices. A softphone allows users to make telephone calls without an actual, physical telephone. Vaspian’s innovation allows soft phones to be as functional as a desk phone with caller ID, 10-way calling, call logs, voicemail and more. Also, all remote workers (employees that do not report to the office) can use a Soft Phone as a desk phone allowing their mobile phone to have an extension included in the office phone system. (See also Remote Workers)

Whether your employees are working in your office, at home, or out on the road, it’s important for them to be able to communicate both with their coworkers and with your company’s customers and clients at all times. One of the simplest ways to keep employees connected is by setting them up with a softphone available through Vaspian. A softphone is software that allows employees to make and receive calls using only their laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We supply your business with the softphone technology you need to improve communication within your company.

When you invest in a softphone for your employees, you’ll provide them with immediate access to a long list of features that put them in total control of their business communication. Outside of allowing them to make and receive calls from any of their technological gadgets, a softphone from Vaspian will also help them manage their contacts, forward calls, reroute calls, and more. Equipping your employees with a softphone will also keep your customers and clients happy by making it easier for them to touch base with those in your company.

Your company is likely spending a fortune at the moment on communications hardware and all the maintenance along with it. Relying on a softphone will help cut your costs without compromising your communication needs. Softphone technology is also expected to help companies find new ways to communicate with customers and clients moving forward. As more and more customers and clients choose to text or chat with companies instead of calling them, investing in softphone technology allows you to get with the times and communicate with customers and clients in whatever way they want.

From telecommuters and call center employees to customer support staff members and those who make long-distance calls on a regular basis, there are so many companies that benefit from softphone technology in a big way. Call Vaspian at 855-827-7426 to learn more about obtaining softphone software for your business.