CRM Integration in hand

CRM Software allows your website and customer database to work together to retain customer information and enable market automations. When integrating your CRM with Vaspian, ‘Click to Dial’ and ‘Screen Pop’ account retrieval is brought to life. Productivity is reported to increase by 15% removing mis-dials by human error and asking which customer is on the phone.

Below are Vaspian’s current CRM Software Integration Partners. If your CRM is not included, we will integrate at no extra cost to you.

Vaspian has serviced the Debt Collection Community for many years with products in advanced call and communication features, recently adding Speech Analytics and Automated Dialer to its bag of ‘tricks.’ One of the oldest and more valuable capabilities we offer is CRM & Collection Software Integrations.

Reliable CRM Integration Software

Our CRM software will streamline your different processes, allowing your website and customer database to function as one. You can retain customer information and enable market automations when you integrate your CRM with us.

We bring our customers the ability to utilize ‘click to dial’ and ‘screen pop’ account retrieval, increasing productivity by removing human error.

Our current CRM Software Integration Partners include:

  • Beam Software
  • eCollections

If your current CRM software is not included, we will integrate at no extra cost to you.


Beam Software

BUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vaspian, a leader in cloud-based communication services, today announced the launch of the CTI Module, which integrates Vaspian’s cloud based telephone system with Beam Software’s ( debt management and collection software platform. The integration allows Beam subscribers to be notified upon answering an inbound call and automatically pops the consumer’s account on the Beam user’s desktop as the telephone call is answered.

The CTI Module also provides Beam users with “Click-to-Dial” functionality, which allows collection agents to simply click on the consumer’s telephone number to have their handset go off-hook and automatically complete the call. For both inbound and outbound CTI Module call services, Beam notates that a call was made and adds a note history to the account to help serve as an effective component to meeting compliance requirements.

ecollections integration collectionsmax integration

Debt Collection Agency Software Integrations

eCollections, Simplicity and Collections MAX are examples of software integrations that can be managed within Vaspian’s service. For a software not on the list please contact us with the quick contact form for new phone so that we can get back to you.

NortRidge Software integration