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Fill out the form below to get started. Every day, Debt Collection Agencies face the challenging realities of a tightly controlled market. Compliance issues pose the risk of expensive lawsuits if you don’t have the right systems in place to protect your company.

Make More Money and Mitigate Risk

With Vaspian speech analytics on your team, automating the transcription of 100% of customer calls, you’ll be winning by:

Simple and Effective Lawsuit Protection

With automatic transcripts of 100% of your customer interactions, you’ll save time and money on monitoring costs. While efficiently and easily searchable content will allow you to flag any events needing your immediate attention. With such fast response times, Vaspian has your back, making it easy to catch any potential lawsuits for non-compliance with CFPB regulations or the FDCPA.

Agent Compliance and Effectiveness

Using scorecards to analyze every customer interaction means you can target the agents who are falling short when it comes to following procedures and making successful collections. Let’s face it, when your collectors aren’t performing, they’re not only risking your profits, but they’re putting your company on the line for potential litigation. Manual call monitoring doesn’t come anywhere close to providing comprehensive coverage of what’s really going on.

Vaspian speech analytics scorecards make it possible to:

  • Breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of every agent.
  • Get complete and accurate evaluations using less people and lowering your costs.
  • Make sure agents are following government, company and service legal agreements
  • Identify compliance issues immediately and provide targeted coaching.
  • Make sure agents are consistently reading mini-mirandas correctly.
  • Make sure agents are being effective as possible in their collection methods.

Man on an iPad while multiple people are working at a call center
Easily Boost Productivity

There’s no need to risk the reputation or success of your company when you have access to all the information you need to immediately address any problem areas with your collectors. With customized data to monitor the specific requirements of your business, you’ll know exactly which areas of your business process to address to optimize your workflow for maximum profit and minimal complaints.

Vaspian speech analytics will:

  • Flag key words like “file a complaint”, “contact an attorney”, or “Better Business” Bureau, so you’ll have the power to discover problematic customers quickly and turn them into an opportunity.
  • Measure how often agents are asking the consumer to pay their “balance in full”.
  • Track how often your agents ask to find out information such as how and when the customer gets paid.
  • Provide call categorization to monitor the reasons why your customers are contacting you.
  • Pay a bill
  • File a Complaint
  • Need a Paid in Full Letter
  • Insufficient Funds or NSF call
  • Use speech analytics to score yesterday’s calls to find the customers with the highest propensity to pay immediately. Use that data to create workflows that optimize your call center’s behavior and increase profits.
  • Identify potentially litigious customers for immediate attention.



When you turn around poor collector performance, you’ll not only improve collection rates and avoid unnecessary fines or lawsuits, but you’ll also build stronger customer relationships. Save time and money on labor and enjoy a growth in both your revenue and your collections portfolio with Vaspian Speech Analytics on your team. Complete the form below to get started with a free demo. Learn more about how we work with these materials:

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