Speech Analytics Software For Collection Agencies

Every day, Debt Collection Agencies face the challenging realities of a tightly controlled market. Compliance issues pose the risk of expensive lawsuits if you don’t have the right systems in place to protect your company.

Make More Money and Mitigate Risk

With Vaspian speech analytics on your team, automating the transcription of 100% of customer calls, you’ll be winning by:

Save money

On top of initial savings by switching to Vaspian with protection against costly lawsuits and TCPA violations.

Generate Income

Through a boost in agent productivity and compliance and by being able to target the customers who are most likely to pay.

Agent Compliance and Effectiveness

Using scorecards to analyze every customer interaction means you can target the agents who are falling short when it comes to following procedures and making successful collections. Let’s face it, when your collectors aren’t performing, they’re not only risking your profits, but they’re putting your company on the line for potential litigation. Manual call monitoring doesn’t come anywhere close to providing comprehensive coverage of what’s really going on.

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Hassle-free communication technology

Vaspian provides an exceptional level of service in all communications with hassle-free technology that is user-friendly, reliable, affordable, and secure. To learn more about our, systems, give us a call!