Unlimited Toll Free

If you pay by the minute for your toll-free charges or want to try toll free but don’t want the cost, Vaspian’s unlimited toll free will out an end to both. You can own as many toll-free numbers as you like (we do not charge for phone lines) and pay a flat rate of $10.00 per extension. For example, an office of 5 extensions will cost $50.00 monthly for unlimited toll free.
To determine if you would save money with an unlimited plan, use our Savings Calculator HERE

Did you know your business could be losing customers and clients every day simply because there are people out there who don’t want to have to pay long-distance fees to get in touch with you? At Vaspian, we understand how frustrating something like this can be and offer a simple solution to you. You can obtain an unlimited toll-free phone number for your business to allow you to accept calls from customers and clients all over the country without subjecting them to any long-distance charges. It’ll increase the chances of them contacting you the next time they need something.
Just about all successful businesses throughout the U.S. offer an unlimited toll-free phone number to their customers and clients. This phone number makes it easier for people to connect with a company without running up their phone bill. At the same time, there is very little cost associated with getting your hands on an unlimited toll-free phone number for your business. You’ll pay what amounts to just a few cents per minute for the opportunity to provide your customers and clients with a toll-free number.

Setting up an unlimited toll-free phone number through Vaspian is simple. We can work to incorporate the toll-free number into your existing phone system so your customers and clients won’t have any trouble reaching you when they use it. Your existing phones will ring when people contact you and give you the chance to take their calls at no charge to them. It’ll be a win/win situation for both sides and help your business grow more over time.

Connect with Vaspian at 855-827-7426 today to set up an unlimited toll-free phone number for your company.