Speech Analytics Service for Call Recordings

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the ability to take your call recordings and provide complete and accurate transcriptions of every call separated by speaker. Features include:

  • Built in sentiment tools to tell you if a customer experience was positive or negative
  • Ability to search this data like Google for any keyword or phrase
  • Agent and Customer Score Cards that allow you to analyze all of your calls to pick up on trends and categorize calls

Your call recordings, if not used to your advantage, are one of the largest non-monetized assets in your company. But now you can turn that data straight into profit.

Unlock the full potential of your business with access to searchable records of every detail of every phone call. This kind of technology has, up until now, only been available to big businesses, costing upwards of $250,000.

Now, we at Vaspian have harnessed this technology to offer any size business the ability to choose extensions for a speech analytics service plan perfectly tailored to their needs.

Speech Analytics Score-Card– While ‘building out’ your Speech analytics software customizations, a team of engineers and specialists will work with you to develop a standard ‘score’ in communication skills, by determining what words and phrases are allowed and what should also not be said. Pre-programming all settings allows a live, instant update on how your agents skill set compares against your standards.

Speech Analytics Email Alerts– Vaspian creates a new compliance tool called Email Alerts which automatically send an email to your compliance team ANY alert that language and tone deemed unprofessional or illegal was used. Gone are the days of trying to catch someone in the act. Your email alerts take 5 minutes from the end of the call to the email alert being sent. A fully transcribed text conversation AND a copy of the recording are sent to one or several people allowing your team to address the offender.

What calls are active? See Dash Boards and Wall Boards to learn how Managers will have a display of all active calls at their fingertips.

How Much Does Speech Analytics Cost?

For only $50 a month, with the additional extensions of your choice, you will have access to critical insights that can determine if your issues are related to people, process, technology or a combination thereof AND have the tools to identify the most effective solutions.

Call center speech analytics uses cloud-based storage, so you can have instant access to up to a year’s worth of archived calls without having to purchase or maintain any additional hardware.

What Does Vaspian’s Speech Analytics Solution Do?

Vaspian’s Call Speech Analytics Allow You To:

  • Review more calls, faster
  • Pinpoint problem areas for agents and implement training to improve performance quickly
  • Get a detailed understanding of why customers are calling to improve your service
  • Analyze and solve problems in business processes between departments
  • Identify which sales tactics are working and which ones are losing you customers
  • Cut costs by improving both agent efficiency and customer experience – if they only have to call once, you’ll reduce your workload too
  • Get access to immediate feedback from your customers after a new product launch
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention

You will have immediate access to an easy-to-use interface that catalogs every word spoken so that you can search for the speech analytics data you need, just like using Google.

speech analytics screenshot

You will also have access to a powerful toolkit that will enable you to put that data into action. This toolkit includes:

  • Automatically listed trending words and phrases to easily identify reoccurring problems
  • A built-in sentiment analysis that clearly highlights both your happy customers and your not-so happy ones
  • Agent scorecards that clearly define how your people are performing, according to the parameters you’ve set.
  • Customer scorecards that identify why customers are calling and can recognize potential sales opportunities