vFax – Fax to Email

Looking for an easy and safe way to ensure you receive the faxes sent to your office? Vaspian’s VFax service allows customers to send and receive faxes via email.

How Does VFax Work?

Each VFax account is given a unique telephone number and is registered with your email account. You can choose to use an existing telephone number, or can be given a toll free number at no additional charge.

VFAX Fax to Email & Send Fax From Desktop PC

Our VFax service is available at an affordable, flat rate fee and includes unlimited inbound and outbound faxing. Invoiced with your other Vaspian services, VFax takes just minutes to setup and add to your account.

To learn more or get VFax set up on your account, call us at 1-855-827-7426.

Key Benefits

Receive Faxes by Email

Faxes are stored in your email and online in our vFax user portal. Your VFax account can be shared with multiple email addresses (accounting department, order processing, etc.)

Send Faxes from the Desktop

The VFax portal is accessible from any Internet connection and can be integrated with Outlook to make sending faxes easier than ever before.

Maintain Confidentiality

For doctor’s offices, hospitals and other agencies required to maintain HIPAA compliance, VFax is an easy way to keep faxes confidential.

Unlimited Faxing

There is no limit to the number of inbound faxes received or outbound faxes sent.

Keep Your Existing Number or Get a New One

You can use the fax number already associated with your office, or we will give you a new telephone number to use. Both options come at no additional cost.