Why Choose Vaspian for your Business Phones

Optimize your phone service with Vaspian in Buffalo, NY. Vaspian’s voice over IP phone service combines the power of the business phone with the internet to give you more reliable, powerful and affordable communications solutions that grow with you as your business grows.

From small home-based businesses to large corporations and everything in between, Vaspian delivers exceptional voice quality and capabilities, as well as the service you depend on to stay up and running.

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We serve businesses across the nation and around the world, bringing cutting edge, completely integrated and connected voice and communications solutions.

Vaspian makes it easy to manage or expand your communications system.

With calling, messaging, conferencing, fax and internet all under one provider, your bills are not only smaller, but easier to manage. Vaspian provides web and calling support if you encounter any problems and allows you to easily organize your serviced from a web portal.

With all your communications under one roof, we make sure everything is running smoothly.

Vaspian offers 99.99% guaranteed uptime, making dropped calls, lost messages and faulty internet a thing of the past. With Vaspian VOIP phone systems you also get guaranteed call quality and redundancy that keeps you covered in the event of a problem.

When you are ready to expand your business, add new lines, hire new employees or move to a new location, you need support from your communications system.

Vaspian allows you to go anywhere your job takes you, without charges for moving or adding services.

There are no costs for upgrades, so your service and capabilities continue to grow without breaking your budget. Vaspian phone and internet service is easy to manage and access via the web or anywhere around your office or even at your home.

You can spend more days working in the comfort of your home while still getting everything you need done. You can even transfer calls from your office phone to your cell phone and vice-versa, or transfer voicemails and faxes to your email, making your workplace completely mobile.

  • Vaspian saves customers an average of 25% each month compared to traditional phone and internet providers.
  • Your coverage is also easier to set up, with 60% less capital expenses than premise based telephone systems.
  • There are no costs for service or maintenance—you don’t pay extra for call quality and reliability through Vaspian. Excellent service and performance comes standard.

Give us a call today to optimize your communications and learn more about why Vaspian is the ideal phone service for your business.