The Importance of On-Hold Music

Importance of On Hold Music

You’re stuck on-hold with a customer service rep, and on comes that music. Usually it’s a smooth jazz track or some light rock. Whatever it is, you know that the on-hold music’s time is limited, because at any moment, the customer service rep will return, interrupting the song. So you sit, and wait.

But did you know that on-hold music is playing for a reason? There’s more to it than just a nice tune to listen to as you wait.

On-hold music helps people wait

Picture a time when nothing played as you waited on the phone. Just silence. Can you imagine that? Before on-hold music was introduced, that was the reality. Yet studies have shown that on-hold music, once it became commonplace, actually helped people wait because it took their mind off of things. It gives them something to do during the down time, akin to placing a mirror in front of an elevator—which, as it turns out, is much better than hearing, or seeing, nothing at all.

People listen to on-hold music

While they’re waiting, customers do, in fact, listen. Here is where a business can get creative. On-hold music that is unique, or grabs the customer’s attention, goes a long way. Customers will remember it and keep it in mind the next time they call. Maybe, to them, being on-hold with your company isn’t necessarily a bad thing; instead, it’s a chance for them to hear that great song again.

Creating a phone system that works for each business is Vaspian’s mission. So next time you’re considering your options, don’t tune out the on-hold music. It’s more important than you think!

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