Epic Service From An Epic Team

Vaspian can deliver tailor-made communications solutions because our Vaspian family truly cares. Our team is made up of superstars who have your business success in mind while providing an unmatched customer service experience.  

Our Team

Meet our team of superstars at the core of the Vaspian difference.  

Brian Hurley
CEO & Co-Founder,
  • Proudest trait: Clever enough to appreciate how little he actually knows 
  • Non-Work Passion: Chess
  • Biggest Quirk: Absentminded since birth 
  • Can’t Live Without: The people in his life 
Greg Schreiber
President, Co-Founder, Business & Product Development Lead, Intermediary for Sales
  • Proudest trait: Ambitious & spontaneous
  • Non-Work Passion: Kitesurfing & skiing
  • Biggest Quirk: Eternal optimism. HE also can’t seem to shut the kitchen cupboards
  • Can’t Live Without: Coffee & Buffalo Bills football

Finance team

Adam Kolodny
  • Proudest trait
  • Non-Work Passion
  • Biggest Quirk
  • Can’t Live Without:
Tami graczyk
Money Fairy
  • Proudest trait: Passion for friends & family
  • Non-Work Passion: Gambling & her dog
  • Biggest Quirk: Going from fine to off the deep end in 3.5 seconds
  • Can’t Live Without: Katie Hurley
Katie Hurley
Job title
  • Proudest trait: Self-motivator
  • Non-Work Passion: Her Alaskan Malamutes, Atlas & Xena. Xena & Katie like to do agility!
  • Biggest Quirk: Posting bird pics to her Instagram stories
  • Can’t Live Without: Dunkin frozen hazelnut coffee
April Guerra
Job title
  • Proudest trait: Strength & Compassion
  • Non-Work Passion: Being outside with the sun & trees
  • Biggest Quirk: Confidently awkward
  • Can’t Live Without: Her amazing daughter

Engineering/Information Team

Chris Aloi
CTO (Chief Puzzle Solver)
  • Proudest trait: Perseverance, creativity, & passion for simplicity
  • Non-Work Passion: Cycling, hiking, exercising, volunteering, go Bills! 
  • Biggest Quirk: Amusingly optimistic, “It will all work out
  • Can’t Live Without: His family
Paul Hall
Senior Network Engineer (Chief Wingnut)
  • Proudest trait: Integrity
  • Non-Work Passion: Bowling, house/remodeling projects
  • Biggest Quirk: Repeating himself
  • Can’t Live Without: Potato chips
Eric Chrobak
CRM Engineer
  • Proudest trait: Persistence
  • Non-Work Passion: Gardening, faith, family, learning
  • Biggest Quirk: He doesn’t have an off switch. He runs at full speed all hours
  • Can’t Live Without: Coffee, books

Sales Team

Gene Rossano
VP of Sales
  • Proudest trait: He never gives up
  • Non-Work Passion: Watching baseball 
  • Biggest Quirk: His OCD (detailed & particular)
  • Can’t Live Without: His dogs
Jay Stroehlein
Senior Account Executive I (AKA the G.O.A.T)
  • Proudest trait: Honest and outgoing
  • Non-Work Passion: Boating and muddling 
  • Biggest Quirk: He believes in laughing at himself and others… mainly others
  • Can’t Live Without: Chicken Wings
Marc Gracie
Senior Account Executive II
  • Proudest trait: Adaptable
  • Non-Work Passion: His family, hockey, The Bills, and The Sabres
  • Biggest Quirk: He doesn’t seem to know how to relax and unwind (per his wife)
  • Can’t Live Without: Family, friends, sports… ad coffee
Kevin Hurley
Account Executive III
  • Proudest trait: Confidence
  • Non-Work Passion: Football
  • Biggest Quirk: He draws the best hand turkeys
  • Can’t Live Without: Music
Chelsea Norton
Dialer Specialist
  • Proudest trait: Empathetic & dedicated
  • Non-Work Passion: Camping
  • Biggest Quirk: She talks to & treats animals like humans
  • Can’t Live Without: Her kids & chocolate
Peggy Evans
Sales Outreach Associate
  • Proudest trait:
  • Non-Work Passion:  
  • Biggest Quirk
  • Can’t Live Without

Support Team

Denise Carlson
VP of Operations
  • Proudest trait: Self-discipline and determination
  • Non-Work Passion: Running, hiking, and mountain biking 
  • Biggest Quirk: Her husband says she always announces what seh’s about to do before doing it
  • Can’t Live Without: Her husband, Rich, and two adult children, Amanda and Jeff. And of course, pizza!
Courtney Fitch
Operations Manager
  • Proudest trait: Empathetic
  • Non-Work Passion: Family time, camping & books 
  • Biggest Quirk: Thriving in chaos
  • Can’t Live Without: Family and her 90-pound pitbull
Tori Allegretto
Training & Development Manager
  • Proudest trait: Free-spirited
  • Non-Work Passion: Nature and reading
  • Biggest Quirk: Talking with her hands
  • Can’t Live Without: Her pup, coffee and plants
Christy Nolan
Technical Support Rep
  • Proudest trait: Thoughtfulness
  • Non-Work Passion: Poetry, comedy & community
  • Biggest Quirk: Thinks in rhythm
  • Can’t Live Without: French fries, laughter & the sound of crickets
Norm Wilson
Senior Poject Manager
  • Proudest trait
  • Non-Work Passion:  
  • Biggest Quirk
  • Can’t Live Without
Ali Consentino
Project Manager
  • Proudest trait: Her professionalism and communication skills
  • Non-Work Passion: Singing and creating music 
  • Biggest Quirk: Reheating a cup of coffee over and over and over
  • Can’t Live Without: Chapstick
Andy Seltz
Field Technician
  • Proudest trait: Problem solving
  • Non-Work Passion: Camping, kayaking, volleyball
  • Biggest Quirk: Passion for bird watching
  • Can’t Live Without: His family
Jake Hurley
Field Technician
  • Proudest trait: Humility & lovability
  • Non-Work Passion: Gaming & Moes
  • Biggest Quirk: He’s a little too into our hold music…
  • Can’t Live Without: Cheese
Domenique Skinner
Technical Support Rep
  • Proudest trait: Patient & kindhearted
  • Non-Work Passion: Traveling and photography
  • Biggest Quirk: Talking to herself
  • Can’t Live Without: Good movies, music and tacos