Read Between The Lines With Our Speech Analytics Platform

Ever wondered what your customers are thinking? Or how they feel after they hang up with you? Well wonder no more! With our speech analytics, you can truly know your customers. Turn your day-to-day voice calls into a treasure trove of customer data and information.

What Makes Our Speech Analytics Platform So Magical

Okay, our AI-driven alchemy isn’t magic – even though it may feel that way. It’s a combination of four powerful speech analytics features. Each of these elements works to help you turn your call recordings into the largest non-monetized asset you‘ll ever have.

Insanely Accurate Transcriptions

Our software transcribes every single call your company receives. Once transcribed, recorded calls are then separated by speaker. You can then review recordings and know exactly what was said.

Fully Customizable Sentiment Analysis

Automatically gauge whether customer experiences were positive or negative, with automatic, in-depth sentiment analysis.

Highly Searchable Call Data

Every word of every conversation has been catalogued and filed, making finding specific keywords or phrases a breeze.

Case-Specific Agent & Customer Score Cards

Discover which agents need more training and which customers might need more care with our detailed score cards.

But The Features Don't Stop There. Check Out What Else Our Speech Analytics Can Do!

Call Data Analytics: Simplify A Complicated Task

With real time speech analytics, you and your team can optimize your business per your customers’ needs. Learn more.

Call Handling Efficiency: Improve Your Conversational Tactics

Using voice analysis software, best practices are within reach. You can train your team on the best means to pivot the conversation toward conversion or resolution. Learn more.

Call Monitoring Insights: Turn Data Into Action

Audio analytics can help your team optimize performance for net positive call logs with each customer interaction. Learn more.

Get the Key to Unlocking a Goldmine of Call Data with Vaspian

You can have all of this for just $50 a month, with cloud-based storage for up to a year’s worth of archived calls. It’s a game-changer that was once only available to big businesses. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your call recordings work for you!

Speech Analytics FAQs

Speech-to-text analytics is a nascent field. So it’s understandable that you might have questions about our voice analytics software. Here are the most common questions our customers ask:

In principle, speech analytics is the method of processing information about the spoken word through software. This software helps one gain a better understanding of elements that influence the course of the conversation. But you didn’t want the dictionary definition, did you?

In practice, speech analytics is a means for your business to better understand your customers’ sentiment. By tracking the flow of a conversation with a sales rep or customer service representative (CSR), the call can be QAed in real time. Voice analytics software can track everything from mood and word choice to speech patterns and intentionality.

Voice analytics help companies better serve their customers by better understanding them. Greater insights about the positive and negative interactions with your brand help it better serve your customers.

Any business, small or large, stands to benefit from audio analytics. That’s because whether you have just one customer, or a legion, customer outcomes are everything. Every positive customer interaction stands to increase your chances for a sale, for growth, and ultimately for success.

To truly be competitive in a complex marketplace, a business needs to offer something the competition doesn’t. Namely: a deep understanding of and empathy for their target audience. Speech analytics solutions can help nearly any kind of business become better with valuable insights.

Call recording software has been around for a long time. But oftentimes businesses will simply store their call logs and forget about them until they are no longer relevant.

With real time speech analytics, a CSR can learn from the customer conversation as it is happening. This means if the conversation starts to go south, action can be taken. The CSR can lean on actionable insights to rectify their errors and improve customer experiences immediately.

Ultimately, speech analytics tools can help promote one thing: better quality assurance with each customer phone call.

We’d like to tell you it’s as simple as installing a browser extension, but we’d be lying. However, implementing audio analytics for your company’s contact center agents is not an inherently difficult process. To better understand how you can get access to better business intelligence with ease, reach out to us.