Introducing TrueText: A Truly Incredible Business Text Messaging App

We’re not here to impress you with empty words or fancy marketing jargon. We’re here to give you the business text messaging app of your dreams. And we’ve got the features to prove it.

Who Can Benefit From TrueText? Just About Everyone

Seriously. Whether you’re an Etsy store owner, a marketing executive, or just someone who loves efficient communication, discover how TrueText can transform your business. TrueText has something awesome for everyone.

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

TrueText enables SMBs to communicate with customers in a convenient and professional manner. You can send updates, appointment reminders, and answer inquiries quickly and easily, all through a preferred channel—texting.

Sales & Marketing Professionals

TrueText offers sales and marketing professionals a powerful communications tool. Engage with leads and customers through timely text-based follow-ups for immediate results. Personalized messaging and promotional offers from a secure business line can promote your business professionally and efficiently.

Customer Support & Service Teams

TrueText streamlines customer support processes. Our software empowers your business by enabling teams to handle inquiries, resolve issues, and provide real-time assistance all over text.

Vaspian's Business Text Messaging (TrueText) Features

Messaging Features

Send and receive secure text messages with customers, including important updates, reminders, and notifications.
Make your messages more engaging by sharing images, videos, PDFs, and more. With MMS, the possibilities of what you can share via text are practically limitless.
Notify specific customer lists about upcoming events or sales all at once. All without revealing their numbers by creating a text group.

Automation Features

Set up custom automated responses to incoming messages. This will ensure that your customers receive immediate acknowledgment and support – even if you’re out of office.
Plan and schedule text messages for business in advance to be sent at specific times and dates. This helps you to reach your audience at the right moment.
Configure specific words or phrases to initiate predefined actions, making interactions with customers smoother and delivering instant responses to FAQs.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your texting activities by easily tracking metrics like delivery rates, response rates, & engagement levels.
Access and review past interactions with customers, ensuring you never miss important details and can keep providing personalized service.
Generate visually stunning reports to showcase how well your texting campaigns, engagement rates, and conversations are going.

Unleash The Power Of Business Texting Services

If you’re ready to experience these benefits yourself, just slide into our DMs and we can get this party started. TTYL!

Text Messaging for Business FAQs

Business owners are smart to only implement software and services their company truly needs. If you’re on the fence about how text messaging for business can transform the way you interact with customers, we’ve got you. Explore the common questions our customers ask.

Honestly, too many to count. Consider that many customers today prefer texting over traditional means of communication. Meet new, younger demographics the way they want to be communicated with. Also consider, older generations don’t have the patience to be put on hold any longer.

With a text message for business communications, everyone wins. Both your customers and your team stand to benefit from text messaging for business.

Text messaging with TrueText is perfect for all kinds of businesses. Small businesses with just a few team members can make customer relations more manageable. And larger teams can rely on it as a hand-off-ready communication channel.

Our software is designed to handle many of the most popular forms of text messaging. This includes business SMS, MMS, and group messaging. Unlike other services, this is an MMS and SMS marketing service that is sure to meet all kinds of needs.

While it can send SMS and MMS messages with ease, TrueText is not limitless. Our software is not designed to integrate with iMessage or other proprietary chat applications.

Our business SMS and MMS services are designed with each of our clients in mind. Learn more when you check out our TrueText pricing.

Our software is designed to be easy to use to communicate with many of your customers. Everything from marketing messages to customer service queries are ideally suited to the platform.

However, we stand by all of the current laws regarding spam communications. We recommend to our clients that TrueText be used to track individual customer experiences. Blanket sending to mass contact lists is black hat marketing and is ill-advised.