4 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

4 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of our businesses, but our employees are the backbone. Indeed, as important as customer service and customer experience are, we can’t let that overshadow how we treat our employees. In fact, good employee experience can translate into good customer experience, meaning that it’s even more important for you treat your employees right. There are everyday practices that you can institute which can drastically improve your employees’ work lives. Here’s how:

Internal communication

Good communication is the key to any successful business. It keeps people informed, engaged, and fulfilled, but only if all levels of your company participate. In other words, everyone in the company needs to be heard. An employee should be able to have open dialogue with their manager, and vice versa. This will not only help people stay up to date on a project, but it will also allow managers and employees to more effectively provide feedback and voice concerns. Face-to-face meetings are important, of course, but you should also provide your employees with the right tools so that they can easily communicate with each other on projects. CRM software can keep your employees up to date on any project changes, and a VoIP phone system with personal extensions can allow them to easily call each other when the need arises.

Employee and manager training

Well-trained employees can perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. This will make their day-to-day lives much easier, plus it’ll provide them with opportunities for advancement. As such, you should provide regular training to your employees, no matter if they’ve been there one month or five years. With call recording & monitoring software, you can record calls to review them with your employee and highlight problem areas that they may be experiencing. A manager can even monitor calls that an employee is having with a customer to provide help when needed without the customer knowing.

Nevertheless, as important as it is to train regular employees, it’s also important to train your managers. In fact, it may be even more important as your managers are handling the everyday tasks of several people, not just themselves. Managers need to learn how to effectively communicate with their employees in addition to establishing good time management and goal setting for their entire department.

Provide a good work-life balance

Work is important, but no one should be working non-stop, 24/7. Employees need to have a good work-life balance in order to be truly happy. Providing the occasional half-day or comp time after a large project can do wonders for your employees’ mental health. They should also have the ability to separate their work life and home life effectively during the rest of the year. This means giving them features such as voicemail to email transcription which can transcribe voicemail messages, allowing your employees to figure out what needs immediate attention and what can wait until tomorrow.

Offer the right benefits

Free pizza is nice every now and then, but don’t think that a pizza party once a month will keep your employees happy. Instead, employees care a lot more about benefits such as health care, PTO, and flex scheduling. These benefits have major impacts on their quality of life, and by actively working to improve your employees’ lives, they’ll know that the company cares about them. This will make them more loyal to your company and more hardworking, decreasing turnover and increasing productivity.

Good employee experience is vital to every business. After all, happy employees are much more efficient and productive than unhappy ones. With a VoIP phone system provided by Vaspian, you’ll have the tools you need to improve your employee experience. Give us a call today at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more about our services.

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