The Best Places to Work Remotely Other Than Your Home

Telecommuting options

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic touched down in the U.S., many Americans have been working remotely. For some, this has become a permanent situation. While there are many benefits to remote work, some workers may get sick of their own four walls. Thankfully, there are other places you can go in your community to remote work.

Coffee Shops

One aspect of telecommuting many people struggle with is the silence they are forced to deal with while working from home. If you crave background noise during the quiet moments, a local coffee shop near your home will provide you the slight buzz of noise needed. At the same time, many coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi for customers, so you won’t need to worry about losing your phone and computer connections.


While a little bit of background noise can be a good thing, there are times when you need to buckle down and concentrate on a specific task. The library is still one of the few places in the world where you can go to find total peace and quiet. You will be able to step out whenever you need to place an important call to the office or check in with a supervisor.

Co-Working Spaces

Since many employees are allowed to work remotely these days, more and more co-working spaces are popping up around the country. These shared office spaces give workers a destination when they want a setting that promotes productivity. If you have a creative job that requires you to bounce ideas off others, a co-working space might be a great option for you. This options also allows you to come and go whenever you feel you need to be in an office environment. Co-working spaces are also great for setting up in-person meetings with clients.

Public Parks

Is your home office or co-working space starting to make you feel trapped? There are plenty of parks that provide people with the free Wi-Fi they need to get their work done while enjoying the outdoors. You can bring a chair and a blanket and make a day of it at the park or simply stop by for a few minutes to hold a conference call while you soak up some sunrays and clear your mind before heading back to your computer at home. Either way, parks give you the opportunity to be productive while simultaneously telecommuting and staying connected with those at your company.

Why Vaspian?

With work norms ever-changing and more folks hoping to create physical work/life boundaries, modern solutions have begun to take fold. Workers who utilize Vaspian phone systems have the option of working from any site. Our softphone service only requires a computer or smart phone and a stable Internet connection to bring your work calls directly to your favorite café, Library section, park and more!

At Vaspian, we understand the many benefits that come along with remote work, and we want to help employers and employees stay always connected regardless of where they are working. To find out more about the VoIP phone services we have to offer, call us at 855-827-7426 today.

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