How to Build a Strong Communication Culture at Work

How to Build a Strong Communication Culture at Work

Businesses succeed when employees work well individually and also as a team.

But in order for people to work well as a team, communication is essential. So what are things you can do to help build a strong communication culture at work?

Get everyone on the same page

Meet with your team to set up and review some general rules and standards for communication.

These might include how to respond to emails, coordinate on projects and handle out-of-office emergencies. Once everyone is on board, be sure to act on what you outlined every day.

  • If you are in a management position it is especially important to lead by example, as that will make your staff more likely to follow the rules as well.

Take advantage of technology

In business, it’s always most important to be punctual and efficient.

To achieve this in today’s modern realm of communication, we often rely on mobile technology. Everything from text messaging to sending out emails to organizing with Slack can go a long way in streamlining your company’s communication efforts, especially if everyone is using specific platforms and systems for responses.

This will help deter procrastination and ensure that urgent situations can be defused easily and in a way that is nonintrusive but effective.

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