How to Incorporate the Hybrid Workplace Model

How to Incorporate the Hybrid Workplace Model

Last year, majority of Americans were sent away from the office and forced to work from home. Now that infection rates are falling and more Americans are getting vaccinated, the return to the office seems inevitable. Yet, many companies realized the benefits of offering remote work, thus more and more companies are offering a hybrid workplace model, where employees split hours between home and the office.

But how can you incorporate a hybrid workplace model into your office? Read on to learn more:

Offer flexibility

Many Americans are emphasizing the importance of flexibility in the workplace. A successful hybrid workplace should give their employees a few options to choose from. An option where employees work mostly from home and come into the office once or twice a week, an option where they split their time evenly, or an option where they mostly work in the office and only some days at home.

Use flex-desking

Before COVID-19, workers had their own desks that they went to every day. But if you have employees that are not coming in every day, it may not be realistic to have a desk for every person. Flex-desking allows employees to book desks each morning they come into the office. This way you can cut down on how many desks you have while also ensuring that each person who comes into the office has a desk they can use.

Invest in the right technology

A hybrid workplace model relies on the right technology. You will want to find equipment that allows workers the freedom to work wherever they want, but that won’t break the bank. For example, instead of giving your workers two computers—one for home and one for the office—give them a laptop they can bring back and forth. Additionally, a softphone allows workers to make calls wherever they are, saving you money on buying multiple telephones.

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