Is Your Customer Difficult to Hear on the Phone?

Is Your Customer Difficult to Hear on the Phone?

If you are in a line of work where telephone communication is the bulk of your business, it’s important to be mindful of some tips and tricks that can help you gain leverage in dealing with dropped calls or customers who are difficult to hear.

Polite Phrasing

If you are having a hard time hearing your caller, you can politely ask them to repeat themselves. Try not to ever use slang words or lazy language. Instead, say things like, “Ma’am, we seem to have a poor connection. Can you please speak up?” and never blame the customer for a faulty connection.

If you’re worried whether the caller can hear you, try a teach-back method, a popular method used among medical professionals. Ask them to recite the information you gave them at the end of the call in a friendly way and emphasize your willingness to help! Next, always maintain your pitch. High pitches are harder to hear, especially for older people. Don’t raise your own, rather, lower it and speak more clearly and loudly.

Control Outside Noise

Maybe you work in a busy call center or office, and you sit next to a co-worker who loves to crunch and munch loudly. Don’t be afraid to politely ask those around you to lower the noise level for the duration of your call. They will understand that you have a job to do and will know to expect the same courtesy in return.

When You Can’t Save a Call

Sometimes we’ve done all we can and a call still isn’t salvageable. It’s okay in this case to put the customer on hold to adjust the headset or phone and be sure to let them know why you are putting them on hold. State that it will only be for a minute and thank them for their patience.

You can also try calling back at an alternative number, or ask if they prefer to be contacted by email. Be understanding and courteous; they will remember your positive attitude the next time they call.

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