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Changing the way people interact and view their phone service provider, Vaspian cloud-based solutions are not only innovative, but also intuitive. Offering a variety of solutions for your phone needs, Vaspian also works to make sure their solutions work with wider business needs. System integration advantages include:

  • Subscribers are notified upon answering inbound calls, which pulls up the consumer’s account on the user’s desktop.
  • “Click-to-Dial” functionality, which allows users and collection agents to click on the consumer’s number to have their handset automatically make the call.
  • Call notations are added for both inbound and outbound CTI Module call services. Call notations include a note history and when the call was made. Not only is this feature handy, but it also helps businesses to meet compliance requirements.

Vaspian solutions easily and seamlessly integrates with the following systems:

Beam Software

The debt management and collection software platform can be easily integrated with Vaspian solutions thanks to the CTI Module. The integration allows for a more productive and efficient workflow.

Mined Systems Inc.

The business intelligence, consulting and software development company, also integrates seamlessly with Vaspian technology.


The cloud-based customer relationship management company has several added efficiencies and perks thanks to Vaspian solution integration. Additional advantages include contact center screen pop integration, allowing for easy management of interactions between the Salesforce CRM server and agent desktops, speedier response times and consistent communication. Agents are also empowered by the integration as Salesforce database pages are automatically delivered to them, ensuring they have all pertinent and relevant information needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

For more information about software integration and other business needs, visit Vaspian.

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