Relocating Your Business? Follow These Steps

There are many considerations and steps to take before signing a new lease and starting fresh elsewhere.

Are you a business owner thinking about relocating your company? Perhaps your company is expanding, trying to reach a new market or cutting costs. Whatever the case may be, think about the overall goal of your business and keep your business best interests at the forefront of your mind when making big decisions.

There are many considerations and steps to take before signing a new lease and starting fresh elsewhere. If you decided to relocate, follow these steps and begin sooner rather than later, if possible:

Let your customers know

Your customers should be involved and informed so let them know you are changing locations. Chances are, they will see it as a sign of growth and you’ll have an excuse to contact previous customers. There are several ways you can inform your customers about the move. You could create a newsletter, video, social media blasts on your company accounts, blog etc. A simple way to keep your clients engaged is to use Facebook to post pictures of your move as it happens so they can share in on the excitement of the change.

Change your online information

Don’t forget to change your official contact information on your website and social media pages. Also, edit your business listing on Google so people are directed to the right location when they search for your business. In addition, put your new address in your work email signature and highlight it so there is no confusion for your customers.

Set up communication

This is our favorite step. It’s very important to set up a phone system and make sure it’s working prior to moving. Don’t just assume that the same services will be available at your new location. Do a little research and order a new service at least 60 days in advance, if need be. If your company has more than 20 employees, you should hire a professional service to handle the telecom move.

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