Telecommuting Can Increase Employee Retention

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Making sure your employees are happy is a vital component to your company’s overall success. High turnover rates can not only harm your reputation, but they can also put more stress on employees working to keep up with production and meet deadlines on time. By meeting the needs and demands of your employees as best you can, retention can be at an all-time high.

One idea that many businesses are turning to in hopes of increasing positive employee retention is telecommuting. Do you have a great employee looking to work part-time from home to take care of their children? Do you have an employee moving out of state when their spouse is offered a new career opportunity? Offering them the chance to work remotely from their new location is a solution you both might like. This way, you won’t have to worry about falling behind in your workload with one staff member down, and you won’t have to spend time hiring and training someone new.

Communicating with your employees working from home – whether it be in the same state or a different country – doesn’t have to be hard. With email, mobile phones and landlines, live chat, video, fax and online document sharing through the almighty cloud, it’s easier than ever! You and your employees can keep each other up-to-date and well informed every step of the way, maintaining just as good communication as if everyone was in the office.

Telecommuting will keep your employee retention high, as it gives your staff the flexibility to work from home. It’s advantageous to mothers with children; to those who live far away from the office; to workers who are too sick to go to work, but can still work from their couch; and to areas that are prone to harsh weather elements causing dangerous driving conditions.

Telecommuting keeps your employees happy, and it also benefits your company as a whole in terms of budgeting, real estate expenses, commercial space, quality control and much more. Offer your employees the flexibility and benefits of working remotely to ensure their ultimate satisfaction and low turnover.

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