The Top 3 Things that Drive Away Your Customers

The Top 3 Things that Drive Away Your Customers

For any business, half the battle is attracting new customers; the other half is keeping them. You might think the first half is the hardest part, but not so much. While customers are patient with the odd mistake, constantly making those mistakes will cause your customers to get fed up and eventually leave. And once they leave, they hardly ever come back. To avoid this, make sure your business isn’t making these top three mistakes:

The customers wait too long

Let’s face it, people hate waiting, and our patience will only last for so long before we give up and leave. While your customers will have to deal with some waiting (you can only attend to so many things at once), making their wait too long will ensure that they’re out the door in no time. There are two ways to solve this: cut down on waiting periods, or make customers think you’ve cut down on waiting periods. The first can be accomplishment by better management and more efficient business practices. The second involves exaggerating your wait times so customers can be pleasantly surprised when that 35-minute wait was actually 20, and by giving them something to do during that 20-minute wait.

You make promises you can’t keep

Any company would of course love to guarantee their customers that they’ll deliver on their promise, but you can’t make a promise that’s undeliverable. Employees need to be aware that going above and beyond for their customers can be done without making promises they can’t keep. Give yourself reasonable margins to deliver to your client, no matter the product or service, and you will never disappoint.

They find it hard to contact you

Your customers should be able to contact you at any time to get the answers they’re looking for. But if their emails remain untouched in your inbox, or if they constantly reach your voicemail, they’re bound to get upset. Avoid this by upgrading your communications technologies, and by using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology so you can answer calls and emails even while away from your desk.

A big part of customer satisfaction, then, is making sure you have a reliable communication. At Vaspian, our cloud-based phone service offers mobility, accessibility and intuitive features such as BYOD and software integrations so that you can always respond to your customers’ needs. Give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 today to learn more.

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