Why Text is Not an Ideal Communication Form

It is no secret that text is not always the most ideal communication form, especially for businesses.

In today’s evolving society, new ways of communicating with other people are popping up each day. In result, more and more individuals are trending to prefer text or email over phone calls. In addition, more and more the people you are communicating you almost only talk to “digitally.” However, the written word is not always the best communication tool.

Text and email can easily be misinterpreted. Without hearing the person’s tone and the way they say what they are communicating, it can be challenging to ensure your text communication conveys what you really mean.

In fact there have been studies to test this theory firsthand. One such experiment in 2005 found that recipients were only able to identify sarcasm or seriousness 56% of the time. This directly translates in today’s challenges of text-based messages versus phone calls.

So next time you are eager to send a text or email to get a conversation “over with,” consider picking up the phone. “Phone time” can be much more valuable for personal and professional circumstances to ensure you come off clearly and to help build a rapport with that individual. So much opportunity of interaction is lost when communicating via text-based tools, SMS and email.

Advantages of Phone Communication:

  • Able to build rapport with individual.
  • Able to hear tone and inflection, making it easier to identify intent and meaning.
  • Allows for added questions and time to ensure action items are understood and communicated clearly.
  • Easy and convenient way to communicate that requires less time.

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