A New Way to View LinkedIn

A New Way to View LinkedIn

You might think that LinkedIn is only for staying in touch with your old business contacts, and searching for a new job. Well, the platform is great for doing just that. But lately, LinkedIn has taken more of an aggressive approach towards helping small companies grow and maintain their business.

Here’s some info on a new way to view LinkedIn, which can be very beneficial for small business owners.

Business-Focused Social Network

LinkedIn’s primary focus is to be a business-focused social networking platform. LinkedIn serves as a space for like-minded business people to come together and share ideas, post job openings, and discuss major industry trends of the day. For small businesses that are starting to break out into the industry, engaging in this network can allow them to become a major thought leader in the industry by increasing their online presence.

Growing Contact Lists

One way that LinkedIn is shifting its focus towards growing businesses rather than simply keeping people in touch and employed is with their “groups” functionality. Members of the site can join groups that are relevant to their jobs and industries, which will ultimately put them in touch with people they should be in business with. Once you create a page for your company, you can engage in these more focused groups in order to build your network and name recognition for your company.

Marketing Efforts

According to Small Business Trends, LinkedIn now offers tools that are great for promoting your small business, including LinkedIn Video, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and showcase pages. You can pay LinkedIn a fee to run an ad campaign to promote your business to relevant thought leaders and potential customers; for many small businesses, LinkedIn is a great space to engage, grow, and build. Click here to learn more about LinkedIn’s marketing abilities.

Part of growing a small business is getting in touch, online, in person, and over the phone. It’s important for a small business to have an excellent phone system, so that getting in touch with your customers is as easy as dialing. Learn about the phones and services Vaspian offers, or call us today at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more!

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