Advantages Of Using A Headset

There are many advantages to adding a headset to your phone.

For starters, if you are looking to walk and talk at the same time, there are many options. Corded headsets are available to allow you walk up to 300 feet away from your desk while still maintaining a clear connection. If 300 feet is not enough, wireless and Bluetooth options can hold up to six hours of talk time and a personal travel range of up to 32 feet long.

Another benefit of using a headset is having free hands. Wearing a headset while working will leave your hands open to type or take notes. This allows not only for more freedom, but also better productivity.

Also, because a microphone will stay in the same location while wearing a headset, your voice will stay consistent to those listening on the other end. This is especially important during conference calls, and remote business meetings. In addition, if you choose a headset that features noise-canceling technology, the microphone can filter out up to 75 percent of background noise, ensuring callers only hear you, and not the noisy background. Sound quality is also increased because facial movements, such as rubbing and scratching sounds, will be eliminated from your calls.

Perhaps, the most impoVaspianHeadSetrtant benefit of wearing a headset is better health. People who spend several hours each day on the telephone often suffer from neck and/or back pain. This is usually caused by holding a telephone handset up to one ear, which leads to poor posture. Medical professionals often recommend using headsets to those who spend a lot of time on the telephone. In fact, a survey performed by the headset maker Plantronics showed that headset users have 35 percent less muscle tension in their necks, shoulders and upper backs than regular telephone users. In addition, by wearing a headset, whether wired or Bluetooth-enabled, virtually no radiation is emitted.

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