Are You Driving Customers Away With Your Phone System?

Are You Driving Customers Away With Your Phone System?

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time thinking of ways to attract new customers.

But did you know that you could be driving some customers away because of the phone system you are using?

There are many companies that utilize Interactive Voice Response systems to field calls, and while these systems are designed to make things more convenient for both you and your customers, they can also lead to negative experiences if you don’t use them properly. When that happens, you risk losing customers.

The biggest problem that many people have with the phone systems companies use is that they make it entirely too difficult to get a real person on the phone.

They are forced to sit through menu after menu before they are able to speak with someone. You should try and avoid putting your customers through this by making your phone system as simple as possible to use. People shouldn’t have to spend 5 minutes sitting through menus and pushing buttons just to talk to someone about an issue they are having. It should be easy to connect with a human in a matter of just a few seconds.

Many people also struggle with all of the options they have when they try touching base with a company. In theory, the options might make it seem easier on customers. After all, they can use these options to make sure they find the right department or the person they’re looking for. But in reality, all of the options on the average phone system end up being overwhelming for people. As a result, they will sometimes just hang up and try connecting with a different company that has a simpler phone system in place.

If you suspect that your phone system might be hurting your ability to connect with customers or if it’s been awhile since you have updated your phone system as a whole, Vaspian would love to tell you more about the products and services we offer. Call us at 855-827-7426 today and start connecting with your customers in a whole new way that will leave them satisfied with the experience!

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