Becoming a Reliable Receptionist

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Companies across the world rely heavily on receptionists.

Receptionists are constantly preforming a variety of tasks to keep a business running smoothly.

As a receptionist, not only are expected to juggle an assortment of tasks but you are also the first impression of the business to potential customers. With that said, being a solid receptionist requires poise, multi-tasking ability, and clear communication skills.

Here are several things to keep in mind if you’re looking to be a successful receptionist:

Plan Your Day
Start every day off with a to-do list. Before the phone calls come in and a new pile of tasks pop up, create a to-do list to keep you on track. If you have tasks that you aren’t able to complete within the day, write them down before you go so you can conquer them then next morning.

Record Everything
As the day progresses, write everything down. Things will come up sporadically; nevertheless, a good receptionist knows how to stay on the ball. If you commit to writing things down, even if you can’t get to them in that instant, you’ll likely keep better track of everything.

Check Twice
As a receptionist, it’s especially important that you are double checking everything. Whether a client mumbles a number over the phone or states it clearly, you should be repeating it back to them regardless to ensure you have it right. Multitasking is a vital function of a receptionist’s job. It is easy to make errors while multitasking, checking your work will help prevent this.

Stay Positive
As a receptionist, it’s important to remain upbeat. Although it can be difficult, you should never bring your personal problems into your work setting.  Some receptionist tasks will be menial and tedious, but you should remain a maintaining a positive attitude while doing them. Smile at customers, you are the first face that they see.

Read Situations
Although this is not an obvious tip, it’s important for receptionists to learn how to cut conversations short while remaining as polite as possible. Part of being a dependable receptionist is inevitably getting wrapped up in lengthy conversations. Knowing how to graciously exit a conversation is an integral skill for a receptionist.

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