Better Data, Better Calls – Using Speech Analytics

speech analytics

Receiving and analyzing accurate data is key for any successful business. Unfortunately, collecting data can become difficult and unreliable when your business is primarily done over the phone. Luckily, the technology boom has created opportunity for problems like this to be solved. Enter, speech analytics.

Vaspian has taken typical call monitoring to the next level by creating a system that works along with Vaspian’s Call Recording service to turn them into complete and accurate transcriptions. This innovative technology allows you to search the data for keywords or phrases, pick up on trends, categorize calls and even identify if the customer had a positive or negative experience.

Call centers continue to be a major channel for customer interaction even in the modern world.   A recent study found that over 90% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, yet most businesses have limited or subjective data as to their customers experience.  Without careful monitoring, it can be difficult to leverage the necessary improvements needed for your business. Unlock the full potential of your business with Vaspian’s affordable call recording and speech analytics services.

This cutting-edge analytical software uses cloud-based storage, so you can access up to a year’s worth of calls!  With such easy access to call information, you will be able to review 100% of calls and more quickly, allowing you to pinpoint problem calls or practices that could cause legally troublesome situations. Once you recognize the problems, you can implement training to improve performance and further cut your costs by improving agent efficiency and overall customer experiences.

Vaspian’s speech analytics tools can be easily customized to allow you to define agent scorecards, potential sales opportunities, and more. Whether you are a medical billing office, customer service organization, or debt collection agency, speech analytics can help save you time and money and help to protect you from lawsuits and unhappy clients.

Boost your productivity, mitigate risk and increase customer satisfaction with Vaspian’s top-of-the-line technology. Proper communication is vital to keeping your business afloat – don’t just stick with the status quo when our software can help improve the way you and your clients stay in touch.

For more information on speech analytics software, contact Vaspian’s Buffalo office by phone at 855-827-7426.

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