Four Ways Telecommuting Helps Both Employers and Employees

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In recent years, more and more companies have experimented with the idea of telecommuting; allowing employees to work from the comfort of home full time or part time. Wondering what benefits telecommuting can provide your company? Here are just a few of the biggest reasons businesses switch to telecommunication:

Increase Productivity

According to a Stanford University study performed over a nine month period in 2013, employees that work from home do much more than match their in-office counterparts, they outperform them by quite a lot. Not only did telecommuting employees make 13.5 percent more calls than in-office employees, but they also quit at half the rate that in-office staff did.

This increase in productivity is due to a variety of factors, including a quieter work environment, a reduction in sick days and an opportunity for more flexibility.

Limit Absences

One of the biggest employer benefits of allowing your employees to work at home – at least part time – is the reduction of absences. Telecommuting gives employees the ability to work from their couch when they are feeling too ill to make it to the office, preventing the spread of germs and keeping individuals from going over their sick day allowances.

Promote Positive Work Relationships

Instead of having a negative effect on workplace relationships, working from home has been shown to improve work relationships, according to a Penn State study. With proper communication guidelines in place, management and employees can work in unison from separate location, relying on email and phone for daily contacts.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

On top of the benefits that telecommunication can provide employers it can also lead to an increase in employee satisfaction. Cutting out a busy commute and reducing familial conflicts over work schedules are two key reasons that working from home can be beneficial to your staff. Telecommunication provides the flexibility that many employees crave, while also reducing distractions, as well as reducing fuel and food costs.

Like any big change, this new environment has both positives and negatives, and one of the biggest hurdles that employers are facing is how to ensure everyone is able to continue operating as a team when working from separate locations.

Vaspian’s remote and home office telephone solutions provide flexible solutions for teleworkers, as well as individuals working from the road to ensure that your team can work from any and every location. With SoftPhone (a feature that allows you to make calls from your laptop, desktop or smartphone), Multi Desking (which lets you log into up to ten devices on the same extension) and a phone directory, your employees will be able to keep in touch with each other, office staff and their clients regardless of where they are working from.

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