DIA Invision Health Case Study

DIA Invision HealthDIA Invision Health is Western New York’s most trusted MRI and imaging center, handing over 10,000 calls per month. As a healthcare authority, DIA required Internet and voice service that would provide 100 percent reliability for important patient calls, HIPPA patient confidentiality compliance and crystal-clear call quality. Vaspian was happy to help.

DIA traded their previous VOIP connection for Vaspian, and is now one of our longest-standing clients.

Why did DIA choose Vaspian?

  • Vaspian equipped DIA with Internet service custom engineered to handle the traffic, call volume and specialized applications their customers use, so they experience fast Internet and exceptional call quality at all times.
  • Vaspian’s automatic failover technology now stops costly blackouts by reverting to secondary phone or Internet providers in the event of a service error.
  • HIPPA-compliant vFax service secured patient confidentiality when faxing.
  • Call center reports enabled more effective use of employee scheduling. 

“One of the best decisions I have ever made.” – Brian White, Practice Manager, DIA

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